FLY: The Next In Our Book Series - Published Today

New Book Launches ... Today

I'd like to kick off this email by first thanking all of you who put your trust in us and bought the first five books in our FLY Series - they have been really well received. We've had some more positive feedback on the previous books (which we've incorporated into this next in the series) - which is all about Salmon fishing.

But first ...

THE Mayfly Book ... Now Back In Stock

This time last year, we launched the second in our series of FLY: books, all about Fishing The Mayfly - it was the most successful book we published last year and they all sold out really quickly. We've now had them reprinted and they are back on our shelves again - all ready for the upcoming Mayfly madness!

In our Mayfly book, you will discover how to imitate the full lifecycle of the Mayfly, along with an in-depth 'deep dive' into each stage of its life cycle, including how to then imitate them with the most common fly patterns. Our book also discusses the type of conditions you can expect to face and the various tips, tricks and techniques used the fish them - including sample leader setups and tackle choices.

It's available now for only £9.99, which includes FREE delivery in the UK.

Back To Today's Book Launch

The sixth in our series of collectable books on the various aspects of fly fishing - each book taking a 'deep dive' into a niche aspect of fly fishing.

This 6th book in the series, produced by us and FlyFishMedia, contains all the information you need to start fishing for Salmon - this book is aimed at the new Salmon angler and gives you details on the tackle, flies and water conditions to expect and use throughout the seasons.

Written and produced in conjunction with FlyFishMedia (think of them as the educational arm of Barbless Flies, as we run both of these sites).

As we are now well into the Salmon season, this is the ideal time to release our new book, all about Salmon fishing. So how do you approach fishing for the 'silver tourists if you've never dabbled before? Which flies do you use and when do you use them?

This pocket-sized book follows the Salmon fishing year (Spring through to Autumn) and gives you all the information you need to effectively target Salmon in UK rivers. Even though Salmon stocks seem to be dwindling, Salmon fishing has seen a surprise upturn in popularity.

We've teamed up with a couple of very notable experts who are leaders in the field for all things Salmon (Fin Wilson & Jim Fearn), they have provided the majority of the information contained in this next in our series of "FLY:" books.

So how do you approach Salmon fishing? Where should you start to find them and which flies and methods/techniques should you use?

In this book, you will discover the techniques, flies, casts and seasonal info to target Salmon within the UK.

Our book also discusses the different types of flies and tubes available on the market today, how to choose which ones and where (and when) to use them to get the most success.

We've done loads of research, collated the knowledge of experts and distilled the information into this next in our series of "FLY:" books.

We're super proud to present to you this 6th in our series of 'pocket-sized books at pocket-money prices'  - all about Fishing For Salmon:


Please Note: If you are a retailer and thinking "I like the look of those", please get in touch (just reply to this email) - we'd love them to be available to as wide an audience as possible.

Our FLY: book series takes a subject within Fly Fishing - in the case of this, the 6th in the series "Fishing For Salmon" - squeezed into our budgie smugglers and done a deep dive into it - here's an example of the 'Summer Tactics' section from our latest release:

This book, written by us and co-published by FlyFishMedia, contains all the info you need to get you started on your Salmon fishing journey. 

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Spring Fishing
  • The Monkey
  • Summer Fishing
  • The Sunray
  • Autumn Fishing
  • The Francis

Book Details:

Number of Pages - 80
Format -
A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm)
Price -

In this book, you will discover the techniques, flies and tactics to use when fishing for Salmon.

Please Note: This is a physical book, printed in English. Should you wish to buy the eBook version please contact me and I can arrange to email a copy out to you (only £5.99).

We are hoping that these will be as well received as the first five in the series, but just to be on the safe side, we have an initial limited print run of 100, so if you would like one of the first editions, grab yours now.

We hope you enjoy reading (and collecting them) as much as we have researching and putting them all together.

Go on, you know you want to!

Tight lines & happy reading.

P.S. Don't forget to check out our Live Mayfly Hatch Tracker - we've updated it with all of the sightings reported to us - click the image below to view the latest info: