Fly Fishing the Mayfly Lifecycle

Trout Fishing Season

Trout fishing season is upon us which means you’ll be planning all those days where you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors, relax and unwind whilst you carry out a spot of fly fishing with your friends or family. Ensuring you have the right fly fishing gear and carrying out the right preparation will help to ensure that your fishing trip is organised, enjoyable, and hopefully a success.

Ever wondered why Mayflies are considered as one of the most valuable species in the world of fly fishing? The Ephemera danica, commonly known as the Mayfly, are one of the most eagerly anticipated up-winged flies a fly angler encounters on the river. Being one of the most important foods for trout due to their nutritional factor, Mayflies play a very important role during the trout fishing season.

Mayflies generally hatch from mid May, lasting until the middle to end of June. They generally only live for one day, but do you know how to fish them during their short lifespan? If you want to increase your chances of some great trout catches, read on how to conveniently imitate these marvellous flies.

Did you know that there are about 41 known families of Mayflies with around 2500 different species? Did you know that about 51 species of Mayflies can be found in Britain? Mayflies also only survive for about 24 hours! That’s quite a short lifespan! You can find out about all this and more in the below infographic, designed by us here at Barbless Flies.

All fly anglers know the importance of imitating a Mayfly during the trout season, using the tips in the below infographic you should be able to make the most of your day on the river. After all, Mayflies are the trout’s favourite food!

The infographic outlines the Mayfly lifecycle, where you can spot them, which equipment to use, as well as some other professional tips which you can start using on your next fishing trip. In an easy-to-follow design, the infographic takes you through the Mayflies lifecycle from Nymph to Emerger and Dun to Spinner. Ready for your next fly fishing trip?

As well as our handy infographic which you can refer back to, you should also check out our wide range of Mayfly imitations and make the most out of your day on the river! Tight Lines!

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