Fly fishing is food for your soul - feed it with glass

I don't know about you, but my time on the water is precious - what with running Barbless Flies and family commitments I find it all too difficult to get any 'me time' on the water (especially at this time of year when we are at our busiest).

This is why I want to have the best experience when I do get out. Our local rivers are starting to get very low at the minute - which is probably the same across the country, which is why the rod which takes pride of place in the truck at this time of year (post-mayfly season) is one of my ever-dependable glass rods. If I want to have a couple of hours on the water I want to use something which gives me joy just to cast it - they really are the essence of fly fishing for me.

Fibreglass is the perfect material to build fly rods that are extremely tough, smooth, durable and fuller flexing than their carbon equivalents. Fibreglass fly rods are perfectly suited for long lazy casting strokes, presenting dry flies like thistledown. 

One of the best commercially available glass rods is the NEW Redington Butter Stick. For 2023 Redington have stiffened it up and given it a nice new look:

"So, generally with glass rods, you lose accuracy and distance and typically get a heavier rod, not so with the Butter Stick. This is hands down the most accurate rod at shorter distances I have ever used. Now being glass you still aren't going to get a rod that will cast 100 feet with ease, but you are getting a rod that can cast further than most glass rods out on the market. And surprisingly this is very lightweight, with a super light swing weight. I mean, there isn't a rod out there that I think would do better within 30 feet, casting small dry flies and nymphs than this rod."; McFly Angler - Global Flyfisher

The guys over at Trident Fly Fishing have done an in-depth video review of the NEW Butterstick, take a look here:

Don’t be fooled by good looks - get ready to deliver flies as delicately and accurately as needle to record.

The BUTTER STICK brings nostalgic design from the days of shagpile carpets, roller discos and Status Quo. And like all things good and vintage, it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is fun and functional.

Whether you’re fishing small streams for wild browns, throwing big dries for stocked rainbows, or chasing stillwater monsters at your local - the BUTTER STICK bend will feed your soul.

Fresh for this season is a brand new Translucent Sunshine Yellow blank which looks as good as it feels in your hand. Their T-glass construction improves overall rod strength and their Heritage Design provides a classic medium action casting stroke - taking you back to a time when living in the moment was everything.

They've also added new upgrades to the handle, including a Traditional Half Wells for a more comfortable grip, a cork reel seat for (even more) retro styling, and a Threaded Lock Nut to keep your reel exactly where you need it. It's also now a 4-piece rod for easier travel and convenient storage.

Butter Stick Features:

  • Easy casting medium-fast action designed for any trout fishing scenario
  • New Semi-Translucent Sunshine Yellow Blank
  • Heritage Construction Inspired by Classic Fiberglass Rods
  • T-Glass Construction for Improved Strength and Casting Feel Compared to Other Glass Rods
  • Now 4 Pieces for Easier Travel and Space Savings
  • New Cork Reel Seat for a Classic Style
  • New Threaded Lock Nut Keeps Your Reel Locked in Place
  • Updated to Traditional Half-Wells Handle for a Better Grip
  • Alignment Dots To Correctly Align Guides
  • Durable Matching Cordura Rod Case for Safe Storage and Keeping You Fresh Off Water

But wait, we have a bit of a special 'one-day-only deal' for you:

Buy any of our Redington Butter Stick rods today and we will also include:

  • A Luke Bannister Furled Leader matched to the weight of the rod
  • Two spools of RIO tippet (7X & 8X) - ideal for those smaller flies and delicate presentations; and
  • FREE Next-Day Tracked Delivery

Remember, these rods are perfectly setup for fishing with light tippets and small flies. The design of the rods taper protects really delicate tippets, it's easy to land bigger fish on incredibly light tippet!

But wait, we have a bit of a special 'one-day-only deal' for you:

  • Butter Stick 7' 0" 3wt - only £299 (including free matched furled leader, tippets and tracked next-day delivery)
  • Butter Stick 7' 6" 4wt - only £299 (including free matched furled leader, tippets and tracked next-day delivery)
  • Butter Stick 8' 0" 5wt - only £299 (including free matched furled leader, tippets and tracked next-day delivery)

Please Note: We only have two of each of the above rods, so they're available strictly on a 'first come, first served basis'. If you would like one, please be quick - they will not be around long at these prices! This offer is only available until midnight tonight (1st June).

Please also note that it may be possible for us to get a couple more of these rods, if you would like one - and we are out of stock, please contact me and I will let you know what we can do - these rods are in very short supply in the UK.

A Line To Accompany Your New Rod?

With an olive-green head and gold running line we have found this fly line to be the best compromise between performance and price. Its special taper design gives incredible loop stability at longer distances and is designed with a unique taper that loads a fly rod at close range easily.

We believe this is the most cost-effective 'General Purpose' floating fly line available. It's easy to cast and lays straight. Allowing perfect presentation of flies from small to big.

We have these lines currently available from a 2wt to 4wt - for only £25, including FREE delivery.

At only £25.00 - including FREE delivery, these lines offer outstanding performance along with great value.


If you've chosen one of either the 3wt or 4wt Butter Sticks, then take a look at our range of Silk lines - ideally suited to delicate presentation of smaller flies on smaller waters.

So, why would you use a silk line then? We're glad you asked:

  • They have no memory - completely limp
  • There's no stretch - improved hookups
  • They are denser than plastic fly lines and therefore much thinner; and
  • Thinner lines mean much less wind resistance
  • They float better than plastic fly lines - they float on the water surface, not in it making roll casts and mending line much easier
  • You get 3 lines in one; When fully greased it's a floating Line, grease everything except the tip and you have a midge-tip line, don't grease it and you have an intermediate/sinking line
  • They can last a lifetime - so long as they are cared for and stored correctly a silk line can last a lifetime - and indeed will get better with age

Tight lines & remember to feed your soul every so often.