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We make it our mission here at Barbless Flies to scour the market - looking for ultra-high quality niche fly fishing products. Sometimes we strike gold!

We're a pretty geeky bunch here at Barbless Flies, and our interest is regularly piqued when we see something really exceptional - be it a unique reel seat on a custom rod, or an unusual rod ring - I know, we're sad like that. But we regularly receive products which are the best quality you can buy, and because of that quality - so few are available.

We have found from previous experience that if we let you - our loyal email community - know about it, you generally feel the same way. But having so few of a product generally means that we are disappointing 95% of our community as the products are sold before they get to see them - we've learnt our lesson there and have started to up our order quantities for some of our more unique flies.

One area which we are keen to explore further is the niche rod market:


I came across a very small boutique rod maker - based in Poland - called Ego Fly Fishing. Their rods are of the highest quality I have ever seen, and we've managed to get hold of a few ultra-sensitive specialist nymphing rods, perfect to start the Grayling season with (and a really nice streamer rod):

EGO Fly Fishing were established as a consequence of their deep passion for fly fishing. The guys at EGO have a goal of offering the very best quality - at a sensible price.

All of their rods are prepared and tested by fly anglers, who have gained their experience on the best rivers in Europe. The Polish rivers of Pomorze, the San and the Dunajec as well as the rivers of the Balkan countries are favourite ones for the equipment to be tested.

It is fishing on the Ribnik, San and Socca rivers that have provided them with enough experience to be able to create a perfect nymphing rod.

EGO Ultra-Sensitive Nymphing Rods


The most sophisticated, sensitive and precise eleven-footer you can imagine. The blank retains exceptional speed and sensitivity, the tip quickly fades after the cast.

Armed with a new slim cork handle, which transfers micro vibrations to the hand - making this rod one of the most sensitive fishing tools in existence. Ultra-light single-leg guides, silk thread, a minimum amount of varnish and an up-locking reel seat keep the overall rod weight below 100g.

If you fancy targeting those large fish - with larger flies, why not take a look at a dedicated Streamer rod:

EGO's Specialist Streamer Rod



This rod was born on the Brda river in Bydgoszcz because of the need to catch trout with medium to large streamers. The appropriately long profile of the handle allows you to comfortably cast over your head and add a second hand during anchored casts. This rod was designed for fishing with short shooting heads. It also copes well with standard weight-forward fly lines.

Intensive work on the blank lasted for months. Ego wanted the rod to be light and dynamic, not tiring for the hand, but having the right power to cast the head with a T15 tip and a larger streamer. The blank is fast but extremely springy.

The above are some of the finest hand-crafted & niche fly rods money can buy - the quality is absolutely stunning and the prices are surprisingly reasonable -  see for yourself.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR TODAY ONLY: If you purchase one of the above rods in this email, we will also send you one of our specialist 'Euro Style' nymphing lines free of charge.

As with all of our other products, we offer free courier delivery on all of the above rods. Usually, if you can order before 1pm you will have your rod the very next day.


*** Go on, you know you want to ***

We decided to dip our toes into the world of specialist fly lines after trialling out a few nymph lines over the last Grayling season. We loved the way the lines fished:

  • Very thin lines cut through the air easily and can be fished (without tangles) on even the most windy of days. We love the way they are much easier to manage than either mono or braid.
  • Ultra-sensitive meaning you can feel the flies on the river-bed

However, the one thing we did not like, was the take detection. In most cases you have to feel the takes through your fingers, we wanted something which was much more visual. Enter our 'Euro Style' Specialist Nymph Line.

At only £25.00 these are outstanding value and will greatly improve your catch-rate when winter grayling fishing. Give you a go - you will be pleasantly surprised.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR TODAY ONLY: If you purchase one of the above rods in this email, we will also send you one of our specialist 'Euro Style' nymphing lines free of charge.

*** Go on, you know you want to ***

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Get out there and have some fun.