Early Season Selection

Barbless Flies
Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you some tried and tested fly
selections, specifically for early season trout fishing. Helping you to get a start
with curating your early season fly boxes.
We thought we would start off with one of the most popular selections we have
available: The Early Season Selection
Our homage to the Fish On team. Inspired by one of their fantastic River
Academy DVD's - do buy one, they make great viewing whilst waiting in
anticipation for the season to start!
The majority of early-season success will be fishing flies under the water, that's
the reason for this selection mainly consisting of spider patterns (both weighted
and unweighted) - with a really nice olive imitation included for those afternoon
hatches which will occur.
We've also included a handy primer on Spider fishing for you to download
towards the end of this email - happy clicking!
Here's a rundown of the flies included in our Early Season Selection:

The JT Olive

A dry fly imitation of a hatching Olive - originally tied by John Tyzack (former
IFFA Rivers Champion). Tied with a mole fur body, Coq de Leon tail and a
sparse CdC hackle. This fly can be used in all seasons, there's nothing better
than this on a warm early season day, on its own with a tapered leader during
an Olive hatch, just make sure to use some powder floatant on the CdC and it
will float all day. Our selection contains two each, of sizes 14 & 16.

The Endrick's Spider

A version of the Endrick Spider with a tungsten bead. Teamed up with the other
spider patterns in this selection will allow you to search all levels of water
simultaneously, great when fishing "down and across". Our selection contains
two each, of sizes 14 & 16.

Snipe & Purple Spider

A great sparse spider pattern for the early season. Fished on a long leader
teamed up with the Waterhen Bloa & Endrick Spider, these can be deadly.
Dressed in appropriate sizes and weights, the Snipe & Purple can be fished
successfully throughout the season. Our selection contains two each, of sizes
14 & 16.

Waterhen Bloa

Generally thought to imitate the Large Dark Olive, the Waterhen Bloa is tied
with yellow silk and natural mole fur and a stiff moorhen hackle. Again, teamed
up with the other spiders in this selection it can be deadly. Our selection
contains two each, of sizes 14 & 16.

As with most of our emails, we only have a limited number of these Early
Season Selections available, so if our previous offerings are anything to go
by, you will need to be quick off the mark!
These flies are only available as a selection (16 flies in total) for £18.00 - which
includes FREE delivery.
Click any button or image above to view each of these flies and the selection in
much more detail.

Click on the image or button below to download your FREE copy of our Spider
Fishing Manifesto:

Here at Barbless Flies HQ preparations are in full swing for the eagerly awaited
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Tight lines.