Daddies & Hoppers

September Special Offer

Daddies & Hoppers

Be it Rivers or Stillwaters - This time of year (September) is the prime month for these larger terrestrials.

Daddy Long Legs: Generally seen from August through to October, they hatch in the ground on cool humid mornings. It pay to fish these when the wind is blowing, the daddy long legs is not good at flying and are always blown onto the water. The legs on these flies seem to act as a trigger to the fish (especially when twitched). 

Hoppers: Really productive flies throughout the UK and equally effective in both rivers & stillwaters. Hoppers are generally fished as you would a dry fly, or as a point fly in a team of buzzers. 

Don't forget to use a slightly heavier tippet than you would normally use - it reduces the amount of twist in the leader. Daddy Long Legs & Hoppers are also surprisingly effective when fished as wet flies, so don't be too quick to keep these flies dry, once wet and submerged, if on a stillwater, gently "figure of 8" them back - on a river try fishing them in the surface film.

Both the Daddy & Hopper Selections are tied on size 10 and 12 barbless hooks with slender hackles (more aerodynamic - less leader twist), this allows them to create a wake on the surface when retrieved, again another trigger point the fish home into.

Now to the offer:

Buy 2 of either the Daddy Selection or Hopper Selection (either 1 of each or 2 of either), enter the promo code BIGDADDY at the cart and these selections will be discounted by 20% (offer open until midnight on Sunday 10th September).

Go on you know you want to!