Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Czech Nymphing for Grayling

Czech Nymph fishing is a style of nymph fishing practised by keeping in close contact with the flies at close range, generally in faster riffles (so you can get closer to the fish) just under the rod tip. In most cases there is no fly line outside of the reel and a Czech Indicator/8m Leader is used. This gives you an enhanced feel for the flies as they are drifting along the river bed.

Czech Nymphs are weighted flies tied on grub hooks to imitate fresh water shrimps/scuds. Typical characteristics of a Czech nymph fly are the slim profile (to allow it to sink quickly), a back covered with latex and a mono rib.

As luck would have it - we've got you covered where Czech Nymphing for Grayling is concerned, with our NEW Czech Nymph Selection. We have put together a selection of 24 Czech Nymphs, eight different patterns in two different styles. We are offering these selections for £30 and only have 25 in stock - so you will have to be quick! 

Our Czech Nymph selection is made up of 2 distinct type of flies

Heavy Ceramics: Use these on the point of a 2 fly setup, to get your rig down quickly.

Czech Nymphs: Use on a 6" dropper (about 12" above the point fly).

How to fish our Czech Nymph Selection

Using a specialist Czech Leader (or a short indicator) tie a length of tippet roughly equivalent to the depth of the water you will be fishing. To this add a short section (about 12" long) tied with a 3-turn water knot, use this to create a 6" dropper (shorter droppers don't tangle as much). To the point, tie in one of the heavy ceramic flies, and to the dropper use one of the Czech Nymphs. Cast/Lob the flies upstream and track them back to you, keeping the rod tip just ahead of the flies. Stop the rod tip just in front of you and let the flies drift downstream, feeling for takes all the time. Using this method, Grayling are know to take the fly as it rises through the water column (known as the "induced take").