Cracking The Code Of The Yorkshire Derwent

Successful (post-mayfly) Fishing

My local river (The Yorkshire Derwent) is fishing really well at the moment - if you know the secret - that secret is small flies, none of your size 10 budgies here, it's all size 16 and smaller dry flies fished on long leaders - especially if your fishing in the warmer afternoons. 

It can be quite windy up here, as we're so close to the coast, but the river is set in a steep valley and usually hides you from the wind, but sometimes it blows straight down the valley - this is both good, and bad. Bad in that it's a bugger to cast anything small any sort of distance, but good in that it blows the trees around and deposits lots of insects on the water. That's where your small dry flies come in handy - especially if, as described by one of the locals, it's 'small and black or small and green'.

As we are now nearing the longest day of the year - my favourite time for fishing late into the evenings - I thought it was about time I shared with you what has been successful for me over the last couple of weeks, in this post-mayfly period - Specialist Dry Flies - or more specifically the IOBO Humpy and Split-Wing Olives.

We put our Specialist Dry Selection together a couple of years ago and since then it's been our best-selling set of dry flies (not surprising really when you think it contains our best-selling individual dry flies). The selection also includes another of our favourites in the Jingler and John Storey, we really like these flies and have had great success in early afternoon hatches.

Our Specialist Dry Selection contains:

The Jingler - An imitation of the Large Dark Olive, this spider-like fly is fished dry and sits just in the meniscus. Can be used in either early or late season. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

Split-Wing Olive - With a slim quill-like body and CdC split wings, these really do imitate the Blue Winged Olive and are ideal during afternoon hatches. With the wings tied in a slight 'V' formation, these sit just right on the water surface. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

IOBO Humpy (It Oughta Be Outlawed) - One of the best named flies around! The IOBO Humpy was originally designed and tied by Jack Tucker of Pennsylvania, USA. Very simple to tie (using a single CdC feather), floats like a cork and is deadly. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

John Storey - This fly, named after a river keeper on the Ryedale Anglers Club water, is a favourite on the Yorkshire rivers. Tied with a peacock hurl body, cock hackle and mallard wing sloping over the front of the fly. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

All of the flies in our Specialist Dry Selection are tied on size 14 and 18 barbless hooks. The smaller sizes are especially useful in the slower/shallower water when the fish are a bit warier.

This selection contains 16 flies (4 patterns, 2 of each in sizes 14 & 18), supplied in our eco-friendly packaging for only £18.00 - which includes FREE delivery.

Go on, you know you want to!

Father's Day Ideas ...

With Father's Day just around the corner - this Sunday to be precise - why not give your loved ones a nudge and point them in our direction for a Gift Card for you. Or, failing that if your father fishes send him one of our almanacs.

The Barbless Flies Gift Card


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Our 2022 Almanacs

Another great gift idea are our Almanacs - who doesn't like to read about fishing when they cannot get out on the water!

I'm sure you already know what they are (as we've emailed you about them often enough), but in case you've been living in a cave for the last few months - or have just joined our email community - they are a sort of fishing journal which give you loads of information for each month of the year, showing you which insects are hatching and which flies to use - month-by-month.

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Have fun out there!