Bosnian Summer Dry Flies - Direct from our man on the ground!

On my local small stream (Yorkshire Derwent), it's been quite hard fishing of late, especially with the recent hot weather and low water levels we are seeing in North Yorkshire. Even with the low river levels, I am still finding that when the fish are playing hard to get, the "go-to" tactic is to go long and keep disturbance to a minimum.
Using a longer leader allows for a more gentle presentation, especially when combined with a longer lighter rod (my go-to rod for this situation is the wonderful Maxia SX 9'5" 2wt - which we have on offer at the moment - at only £499) employing this method I've caught in mornings, afternoons and evenings. I've been following these simple rules and it really has upped my success rate:
  • DO NOT get into the water and wade, not unless you really have to - As the fish have less natural cover from predators, they are really spooky. Any disturbance in the water (or noise from your studded boots) will transfer its way to the fish.
  • Use a longer leader - I generally use a longer and lighter leader, this will allow you to land the fly with a more delicate presentation - experiment with using a French Leader setup - they really come into their own at this time of year. 
  • Look for deep holes & behind any obstructions - If there is no surface activity these will be the places the fish are holding. Try experimenting with a Klink 'n' Dink setup (use a small beaded nymph - size 16 or smaller - we have a wide selection of these - as you may have guessed!).
See the end of this email for one of the best tips you will ever read - to get you ready for the Winter Grayling season. But you need to act on the tip now (you will see why when you read it)!
so, what sort of flies should you use? We asked 'our man in Bosnia' what he would use - and here they are, these stunning summer dry flies (Indicator Olives). These flies have been specifically tied for fishing in the low and slow summer levels and are ideal for both rivers and stillwaters.
Take a look at the below:
Our Bosnian Indicator Olive Selection consists of 16 flies, 4 each of 4 separate patterns:
Indicator Olive patterns:
  • Honey Indicator Olive - Size 14
  • Light Yellow Indicator Olive - Size 14
  • Ghost Indicator Olive - Size 14
  • Chocolate Indicator Olive - Size 14

These flies are all tied on one of the best lightweight hooks in the business, the Gamakatsu F11B. Tied with Vevus thread bodies, for the v-wings we've used wild duck feathers split with a fluoro orange hot spot. The thorax is dubbed with Pine Squirrel.

Please Note: As always with flies tied by 'our man in Bosnia' we only have a limited amount - 20 selections - they take ages to tie to this quality. They will sell pretty quickly, so if you would like a selection you will need to be quick!


We are supplying 4 of each of the above patterns, that's 16 flies in total for £32 - I know these are some of the more expensive flies we sell, but the quality is outstanding.

This premium Bosnian fly selection is very limited (we only have 20 available - I'm keeping some for myself!) and once they are gone, we will not have any more until next year. Just click on any image or button in this email to view details and buy your selection.

If you would like one, you will need to be quick off the mark!

Here's a few more images to really tempt you:

Go on, you know you want to!

Take advantage of the Low Water

If you are a keen Grayling angler, then now is the time to survey the river you fish.

If you regularly fish the same stretch for Grayling, now is your best chance, whilst the river bed is exposed, to take a look and note where the contours, deep holes and drop-offs are, and spot the likely fish holding places.

This information will come in really useful when the water levels rise again and when the Grayling season starts in anger.

Tight lines & have fun.