Back In Stock - You've Been Waiting For These 🎣

We've finally got these back in stock - after a few months of waiting! There was a shortage of materials, so when I got a call to say our guys had sourced them I was keen to get these flies back in again, they are our best selling lines, so for all of you who have been waiting, here they are:

Our Barbless Dry Fly Selection is a selection of 4 styles of dry flies, which are selected for their fish-catching ability all season long - in any UK river or Stillwater.

Indicator Caddis - A very versatile pattern, great fished as a single dry fly on a dead drift or as the dry in a duo/New Zealand set up, which has exceptional buoyancy and will suspend even the heaviest of nymphs. Selection contains two each of sizes 14, 16 and 18.

Elk Hair Caddis - A sedge (or caddis) imitation. I have found this pattern to bring up even the most timid of fish when dead drifted through a pool. This selection contains two of each sizes 16 and18.

Kite's Imperial - First devised in 1962 by the late Oliver Kite to imitate the Large Dark Olives which were hatching on the River Teifi. He used this pattern all season long whenever any olives were hatching, it didn't matter if they were large, small, light, dark, Pale Wateries or Iron Blues. Rather than changing the pattern, Oliver only changed the size of the fly. Selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

CDC Olive Emerger - An excellent emerger pattern, with a CDC wing. This pattern is ideal to imitate the change from nymph to dun. Selection contains two each of sizes 16 & 18.

Our Dry Fly Selection contains 4 different styles of 'dry flies. In total there are 18 flies supplied in our eco-friendly packaging. These flies are great all-year-round flies, and work especially well for those picky summer trout and for taking grayling in September/October.

We are supplying all of these for only £20. All are supplied in our eco-friendly packaging and delivered to you free of charge anywhere within the UK.

Just click on any image or button button above to view the flies in more detail.

Go on, what are you waiting for, they're perfect for summer!

🇬🇧 You've Seen The Dries - How About Some Nymphs? 🇬🇧

Generally, when targeting trout in the early summer, keep in mind the following:

  • The faster and deeper the river, the heavier the nymph - especially after a summer downpour!
  • Target the area behind any type of structure in the water (think boulders, bridge supports & weed beds)
  • Where allowed, it’s usually better to fish a team of flies if there's nothing rising, remember to place the heaviest fly on the point.

I've put the first point above in bold, as it's the most important part.

So, which nymph patterns should be your first choice?

The most successful Tungsten Nymphs ever!

We've just received a delivery of our most popular (and successful) tungsten nymphs in all sizes - ideal for any conditions you will face this summer.

The selections below all contain patterns from our most popular tungsten nymph selection, in sizes ranging from 10 (Jumbo) to 18 (Micro) - click on any image or button below to see the full details of each selection:

Image of Micro Tungsten Nymph Selection

Micro Tungsten Nymph Selection


Image of Tungsten Nymph Selection

Tungsten Nymph Selection


Image of Jumbo Tungsten Nymph Selection

Jumbo Tungsten Nymph Selection


hese are the first nymphs I reach for when fish are not rising. Each of the above Tungsten Nymph Selections contains the following patterns in various sizes:

  • Red-Neck Pheasant Tail Nymph
  • Copper Pheasant Tail Mary 
  • Olive Quill Nymph
  • Orange-Head Pheasant Tail Mary
  • Hare's Ear Nymph 

The various configurations of selections are:

*** Stock up on these while you can, they always sell out fast! ***

Tight lines & have fun this weekend.