As Smooth As Silk - New In & Back By Popular Demand

We've just received some really special silk lines from Ian - specifically for fishing smaller flies in the summer. We've also had a restock of our popular Deershucker Selection.

Read on McDuff ...

We've had some more of Ian Moxon's Silk Fly Lines delivered to us and they are now available on the site here. These silk lines have been designed and made with a 'fine tip' and built-in loops, which effectively means they have a very thin 'built-in' furled leader, so you just need to attach a level piece of tippet to the end.

We've been really lucky and persuaded Ian to make some silk lines in lighter weights, specifically for the coming summer months - small flies and delicate presentations!

To that end, we have them in the following sizes:

Here's a short note from Ian, regarding his special DT2 silk lines:

"The very thin DT2 silk fly lines have a breaking strain through the belly of approx 10lb (the thin tips of the lines are reinforced with a little bit of polyethelene and have a similar breaking strain). The breaking strain will reduce when the line is saturated with water. I recommend a maximum tippet strength of 3lb." Ian Moxon

So, why should you use a silk line:

  • They have mo memory - completely limp
  • There's no stretch - improved hookups
  • They are denser than plastic fly lines and therefore much thinner; and
  • Thinner lines mean much less wind resistance
  • They float better than plastic fly lines - they float on the water surface, not in it making roll casts and mending line much easier
  • You get 3 lines in one; When fully greased it's a floating Line, grease everything except the tip and you have a midge-tip line, don't grease it and you have an intermediate/sinking line.
  • They can last a lifetime - so long as they are cared for and stored correctly a silk line can last a lifetime - and indeed will get better with age

    *** Each of our Silk lines are shipped with a handy box (to keep them in when not on the reel), a microfibre cloth (to clean/help dry them) and full line care instructions ***

    These lines are made in the UK (in Sheffield, Yorkshire to be precise), by Ian Moxon.

    We currently have a stock of line weights from a DT2 to DT12. Ian's fly lines are available from only £99.99 for the DT2's, right up to a DT12 for only £119.99 - which for a silk line is an outstanding value for money.

    If you would like to know more about the use and care of silk lines we have a dedicated page here.

    Our Deershucker Selection - Now Back In Stock

    The Deershucker Selection from Barbless Flies is a selection of emerger patterns especially successful in both rivers and stillwaters in the early and midseason (in sizes 14 and 16). These are ideal for fishing those spring hatches when the fish are starting to rise freely.

    The patterns are quite 'rough and ready' - by design. The key to this style of fly is in the rough body and the deer hair used - it has to be hair from the winter coat of the animal as this is more buoyant due to the increased amount of air contained within each strand (each strand of deer hair is hollow and is a great insulator).

    The key to fishing this style of pattern is how you treat the fly when dry - just apply a little floatant to the tips of the deer hair. This will cock the fly to sit correctly in the water, you need the fly to sit so you can only see the tips of the deer hair on the water surface - ideal for low water and spooky fish.

    Our Deershucker Selection is now back in stock again and available as a selection of 16 flies (4 different patterns - see above, 2 each of sizes 14 & 16).

    We are supplying all of these for only £20. All are supplied in our eco-friendly packaging and delivered to you free of charge.

    Just click on any image or button in this email to view the flies in more detail.

    Go on, what are you waiting for, they're perfect for late spring and early summer!

    Tight lines & have fun.