A Mayfly Amuse-Bouche - Just a Taster of Our Mayflies


A Taster for Mayflies?

As we are now starting to see the trout switch on to the Mayfly (especially in the South of England - from reports I have had), we thought it was a good idea to give you the chance to try a "taster selection" of our stunning Individual Mayfly Duns, so you can see which work best on your local waters. We have started to see the odd few Mayfly up here in North Yorkshire, but nothing really to stir too much interest from the fish yet - we're hoping this nice weather (and the rain from yesterday) will really spur them on.

We are continuing the Mayfly season with a taster selection of Mayflies. Think of it as an 'amuse-bouche' of the fly fishing world, giving you a few of our wide range of mayflies, and allowing you to see which work best on your waters. In total there are 10 flies supplied in our eco-friendly packaging, for only £17.50 - that is just under a 25% discount (these normally retail at £2.25 each), just click on any image or button below for a closer look.

We are supplying this Taster Selection of Mayflies as a selection of 10 flies (5 different patterns - all in size 12). We have already stocked up on Mayflies and they're available now, at only £17.50 for the full Mayfly Taster Selection.

Get them while you can, as we did run out last year!


So, What's Included?

CdC Mayfly Dun

A classic CdC Mayfly Dun imitation. These flies are absolutely beautiful. They really are too nice to cast. One of the most effective Mayfly imitations when spinners are on the water. This imitation is also super slim, so will twist your leader less - allowing you to fish with finer tippets for those more wary fish.

Mosley Mayfly

Once the dun has moulted into a spinner and mated, it returns to the river to lay its eggs during the late afternoon. This is some of the most eagerly anticipated fly fishing of the year!

Moose Main Spent Mayfly

Slightly darker in colour to the spinner, some mayflies die as soon as they hatch. These are an easy target for trout, sometimes they actively target these in preference to the hatching flies. In which case these are the go-to flies.



Baz Mayfly

This is fast becoming a classic mayfly imitation, Fish these as the Mayfly are emerging during the early afternoon. This fly is tied with a white body with thin red ribbing, a mohican hackle (for visibility) and the signature tail. One of the most effective Mayfly imitations when spinners are emerging on the water.

Real Mayfly

If you want a lifelike Mayfly imitation, then this is the one to have. A classic detached body Mayfly imitation - but very realistic. These flies are absolutely beautiful. They really are too nice to cast. One of the most effective Mayfly imitations when spinners are on the water.

Go on, you know you want to!



TOP TIP: Reducing Leader Twist - when fishing with flies which have large wings - like Mayflies, this will induce twist in your leader (there's nothing you can really do to stop it). The majority of Mayfly patterns (especially the spent ones) have wings which act just like helicopter rotor blades and spin when you cast them. The best way to combat this is to:

  • Reduce the length of your leader
  • Increase the diameter of your leader

Try shortening the overall length of your tapered leader to around 6ft and step up your tippet diameter - use 3X or 4X. Once the fish really switch on to the Mayfly they become indifferent to your tippet, so step it up where you can.

Generally, once the fish are confidently taking mayflies they will not be shy of leaders, try dropping your leader length right down and using a thicker diameter. Try removing your tapered leader altogether and just using 4ft to 6ft of 5X tippet direct to your fly line with some of the larger flies (like the Baz Mayfly).

Have fun out there!