Indicator Dinkhamer
Indicator Dinkhamer

Indicator Dinkhamer

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A version of the popular Klinkhamer. Tied with a pink and orange post and sparkle tan body (it is easily seen in these darker afternoons and evenings) and a tippet ring in the tail.

The tippet ring allows you to fish these using the klink 'n' dink method (a bit of a sticking point when using barbless hooks!).

  1. Tie a length of tippet to the tippet ring - I generally use 1.5 x the depth I want to fish at.
  2. Tie your nymph to the other end of the tippet.
  3. Cast upstream and watch the Dinkhamer for any signs of a take on the nymph - or the Dinkhamer itself.

This fly is only available in size 12 and 14.

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