Updated Scuds - Grayling Colours

Updated Scuds

Due to the success of the scud selection, we re-ordered them and now have them back in stock and in updated colours (we thought the other were all too similar colours, so now we have updated the selection to include some sweets for the Grayling in your life - Get ready for Grayling early this year.

These flies are tied with either an olive or grey hare dubbing and segmented bead bodies, then a clear UV shell is applied, making them virtually indestructible! These scuds are specifically designed for UK rivers and are uncanny imitations of the natural invertebrates found throughout the UK.

We present to you this selection of 8 Scuds, four different patterns, two of each, in size 14.

Again, we are making the flies available to you either as a selection (for £20), or as individual flies (at £2.75 each). We know these are quite expensive flies, but we think you will agree the quality is stunning (and they catch fish!).

Go on you know you want to!