The Funky Pheasant Tail

Barbless Flies

The Funky Pheasant Tail

This nymph is tied to perfection (as is usual with any of Stan's flies) - and
he's been experimenting again! This is a slightly lighter pheasant tail imitation
than the previous Caddis ones, with some stunning colour combinations -
topped with a variety of bead and collar colours.

A great fly to try at this time of year - but you may want to give it a week or so
as all our rivers are a tad full at the moment! Pheasant Tail Nymphs (PTN's) are
nymphs used in all of our rivers and stillwaters, with grayling and trout of all
kinds hunting them out. The PTN was originally devised by Frank Sawyer and
these are an update to the original versions - we hope he would have
approved! Originally the nymph was devised to give a general impression of a
variety of nymphs found in all types of water found in the UK.

Let me introduce you to Stan's Funky Pheasant Tail Selection which
includes 6 different colour combinations:

Orange Funky Pheasant Tail
Pink Funky Pheasant Tail
Violet Funky Pheasant Tail
Purple Funky Pheasant Tail
Copper Funky Pheasant Tail
Sparkle Funky Pheasant Tail
Each nymph is tied with a pheasant tail and wire body, sparkle hackle and
topped off with a coloured glass bead. These nymphs imitate a variety of
insects found in both rivers and Stillwaters and should be one of the first
nymphs you use when searching any water.
This Pheasant tail nymph is ideally used as a part of a multi-fly setup in
any nymphing rig (and great for sight nymphing in shallower water). Don't forget
about using these on stillwaters also (PTN's as a staple nymph in the Stillwater
anglers box). These Pheasant Tail Nymphs are all tied on size 16 barbless
The tying specification for these nymphs is:
Fly Name: Funky Pheasant Tail
Hook Size:
N°16 Medium Wide Gape Barbless
Head Composition:
Coloured Glass Bead
Body Composition:
Pheasant Tail & Copper Wire
Medium - 0.04g
We are only making these flies available as a selection of 18 (just click on any
of the fly images or buttons below to view more detailed images of each
individual nymph). This selection of 18 pheasant tail nymphs is priced
at £36.00 - we do understand these are at the pricier end of the spectrum for
flies, but the quality is outstanding.

We only have 19 selections available for sale - I'm keeping some to use
myself! So you will need to be quick!
Tight lines.