The Early Seasons Most Successful Flies - Small Tungsten Nymphs

We all know that fishing in the first few weeks of the river season can be tricky - it's always best to approach any venture to the river before Easter with as much information as possible and the right flies.

This is the reason for this email - equipping you with both info and flies - take a look below at some nymphs which are as good a bet as any at this time of year and further below on some 'Early Season' tips.

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Early season is always challenging, for this reason I find it's best to set my expectations before I venture out onto the water!

I'm not expecting there to be any dry fly action - although there will usually be a short window when some Olives will hatch, all the action will be nearer the river bed.

The best flies to use before Easter are small nymphs and spiders. The one advantage you do have is that the fish will not be too wary (having not had any angling pressure for the last 6 months).

I usually start off fishing nymphs on an Indicator Furled Leader setup at this time of year. This method generally produces the goods.

I also have a few Olive Emerger patterns to hand, just on the off chance a hatch starts and the fish start looking up!

We all eagerly await the start of the river season, anticipating abundant hatches and prolific rises, but usually, it's never like that and fish are quite hard to come by in the first four to six weeks.

Try to cover as many bases as you can. If you're struggling when on your local water, give the Klink 'n' Dink method a go. It allows you to fish both a dry fly and nymph at the same time and is the most effective method for searching the water when there are no obvious hatches in progress (or fish showing themselves).

Go on ... fill your boots - and your early season fly boxes.

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