The Curious Case of the Cornish Consumables

It all got very 'Agatha Christie' in the office yesterday ...

Jack and I arrived at the office nice and early - we're good like that - and waiting on the doorstep was this: 

Now, we don't often get anything delivered directly to the office - as the signage has only just gone up and nobody can ever find us, add to that our actual address was changed by Royal Mail just recently and you can see our surprise.

We grabbed the box and took it inside. On further inspection, it was full of frozen Cornish Pasties - result:

Before you ask, yes we did check that it was supposed to be delivered to us - and we weren't leaving one of our neighbours without their cornish treats!

On even further inspection, there was nothing to show who had sent it, other than it had come from Rowe's - who, on a little bit of Googling - have won multiple awards at the Cornish Pasty World Championships - no, I had no idea that was a thing either!

So, they were sent by someone "From Cornwall with love" and we'd love to know who the culprit is:

  1. As we'd like to show a little bit of love back, and
  2. So we can thank them properly

We are all for surprise baked goods arriving unexpectedly at the office, it's even made us think of setting up a bartering system for flies.

So what have you got to trade?

(All serious offers considered)

And ... 

While we are on the subject of early deliveries ...

Q. Which fly is it that the fish love and should be appearing on your local water anytime now?

A. The Sedge (or Caddis if you are from over the pond).

The Sedge fly is a member of the Trichoptera family (trichos, meaning hair and ptera, meaning wing) - consisting of around 200 distinct species found in the UK. Throughout the world, there are over 3,000 species of Sedge, with the majority (over 1,200) being found in the USA.

These flies are easily identified throughout the summer months, just look for the way the insect flies, if it looks very haphazard and like it's about to crash land, then it will be a caddis fly. All sedge flies have wings that fold over their backs to form a silhouette which looks like a roof/tent - that's the reason you may also see these flies referred to as roof-winged flies.

Sedge/Caddis flies are nocturnal and the fish love to feed on them early in the morning, just as the females are returning to the water to deposit their eggs. If you want some fantastic dry fly action this early in the river season, then it pays to get our early and tie on a sedge.

I do know that the best fly to use in our local area, as soon as the fish start to look up, is the Indicator Sedge (especially in a size 14 or 16):

And, as luck would have it, we've just restocked on all of the most popular Sedge/Caddis imitations and included them in a single selection - and it includes the above Indicator Sedge:

Our new selection contains 20 Sedge imitations - all the dry flies in various patterns and sizes - all you need for a great day on the water this spring and summer.

As well as the Indicator Sedge, mentioned above, our Sedge Selection also contains the famous Elk Hair Caddis and the Goddards versions in both Natural and Green variants:


When fishing with Sedge imitations here are a few tips:

The two main dry fly forms of imitation for the Sedge are the Emerger and the Adult Female. Use one of the parachute-style flies to imitate the emerger and just treat the post of the fly - this will sit the fly are the correct angle to imitate the emerging insect.

When fishing a dry fly, keep in mind that the hatching sedge is very skittish, they make quite a lot of movement on the water, therefore remember to give your dry fly a tweak every now and then to generate some movement.

Our Sedge Selection contains:

Each of the above can also be bought individually, just click on the relevant link in green above.

The Sedge Selection is a selection of 4 of the most popular Sedge/Caddis patterns used in rivers and stillwaters today - in total there are 20 flies in this selection.

Our updated Sedge Selection is now available from our website, for only £24, which includes FREE delivery in our eco-friendly packaging to anywhere in the world.

Go on, you know you want to!

Tight lines & have fun.

P.S. We had the pasties for tea last night and I can see why they won awards - they were fantastic - whoever sent them to us, and we are assuming it's not an elaborate marketing ploy from Rowe's to corner the market in 'pasty eating fly anglers' - Thank you very much.

P.P.S. We've just released a new video course, in association with the guys at FishOn Productions - Long Leader & French Nymphing Techniques, take a look below: