The Anglers Arcade - from Barbless Flies


We're a pretty geeky bunch here at Barbless Flies, and our interest is regularly piqued when we see something really exceptional - be it a unique reel seat on a custom rod, or a nicely tied fly - I know, we're sad like that. But we regularly receive products which are the best quality you can buy, and because of that quality - so few are available.

We have found from previous experience that if we let you - our loyal email community - know about it, you generally feel the same way. But having so few of a product generally means that we are disappointing 95% of our community as the products are sold before they can get to them - so we've created - The Anglers Arcade.



This is an area of our website where we can showcase the very finest that Fly Fishing has to offer, but as you would expect - we only have very few available (in most cases, only one).

Imagine walking down one of those classically architected Victorian arcades, which is stuffed full of boutique shops selling fly fishing equipment - that's what we hope this page will reflect. We've one-off rods from specialist rod builders, niche fly lines and classic flies,  plus lots of other one-off items to add.

Keep checking back as stock will change on a weekly basis. Just click on any image below to be transported back in time!

These are some of the finest hand-crafted & niche fly fishing equipment money can buy - the quality is absolutely stunning and the prices are surprisingly reasonable -  see for yourself:

f any of the above items take your fancy, and they are already sold - please get in touch with us (by replying to this email) and we will see what we can do - especially for the EGO rods, as we are expecting some more one-off rods in the next few weeks.

Keep checking back to the Anglers Arcade and see the very best that Fly Fishing has to offer.


Get out there and have some fun.