Onwards & Upwards - New Barbless Flies HQ

Onwards & Upwards

Sorry for this extra (and unplanned) email this week, but we wanted to let you have the news as soon as possible - we've moved into much bigger premises - still in Wykeham.

This has solved a massive problem for us - previously we had a shop and a separate warehouse, whenever we were really busy I had to close the shop so I could help out the fly fairies in the warehouse. With our new place (which is 3 times bigger), we will be open all the time as it includes both our shop, the warehouse and office space.

As we've only just moved in, there's no signage up at the minute - and it's quite tricky to find, so I've bodged up a map below:



If you're planning to visit us in the next few weeks and cannot find the entrance, just give us a call (0330 66 00 587) and we can direct you in.

As with any moves, they always spring up a few surprises and a few 'I wondered where that was' moments, and this was no different - we found some stock which we knew we had, but couldn't find, so ...

Look What We Found ...

Lodged behind one of the racks was a box full of Hopper Selections - our system said we had them, but we didn't know where! These patterns are just the job for any Stillwater forays in the coming weeks.

So we're doing a very special offer on them (see below) - we've only 40 of these, and when they're gone, that's it until next year!


Straight down to the offer:

  • Buy 1 Selection of Hoppers now for only £15 (was £20); or
  • Buy 2 Selections for only £25 (was £40)

No discount codes, just add the Hopper Selection(s) to your basket and all discounts are applied automatically. This offer is available until midnight on Sunday 9th October - or until we run out of stock!

*** We've only 40 selections available, so you will need to be quick ***

Go on, you know you want to!

Hoppers are really effective flies throughout the UK in predominantly stillwaters (but are equally as effective in rivers) and are at their most productive from August to October.

Hoppers are generally fished as you would a dry fly, or as a point fly in a team of buzzers - in a washing-line configuration. Also, hoppers are surprisingly effective when fished as a wet fly, so don't be too quick to keep these flies dry - once wet and submerged, if on a stillwater, gently "figure of 8" them back (on a river try fishing them as you would a spider), and hold on!


Have a good day.