Launched Today - A First for Stillwater Fly Anglers in the UK

If you're into fishing Stillwaters - you're going to love this!

Building on last year's Stillwater Almanac we are proud to release our new version for 2022/23. This year's full updated version is 30% larger and includes more info and flies. We've also got a Special Launch Offer for you, so keep reading to the end!

Essentially this is a journal to accompany you throughout your Stillwater fly fishing year. Something you can annotate and make notes in, allowing you to refer back to in years to come - helping you ‘crack the code’ on those difficult days. We are bringing this to you, our loyal community, first.

We’ve called it an Almanac as it takes its inspiration from a few different sources, think of it as a cross over between:

  • Old Moore’s Almanac - An annual publication that prophecies what will happen throughout the year - only ours is fly fishing related.
  • The Fly Fishers Entomology - A seminal publication from 1836 by Alfred Ronalds, the first to detail month-by-month river fly life from the angler's point of view.
  • A Moleskine Diary - As used by Van Gogh, Picasso & Ernest Hemingway

Our 2022/23 Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac is a paperback book with 350gsm covers, printed using high-quality uncoated paper (allowing you to easily jot any notes etc), it is roughly 130 pages long. To see the contents of our Stillwater Almanac and example pages, please keep reading.

SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: As it's a long Jubliee Bank Holiday Weekend, any customers who buy our 2022/23 Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac before midnight on Sunday 5th June, will also receive a free electronic version to download and read, in anticipation of the physical version arriving.

The 2022/23 Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac outlines which flies are expected to hatch and which flies to use to best imitate them. It follows the Stillwater fly fishing year, broken down into seasons - starting in June 2022 (ending in May 2023) - detailing the hatches and flies and techniques to use for each month. Along with all the hatches and fly info, there's a whole host of other information, including specific insect info and even pages to jot down your notes and your catch return for each month.

The 2022/23 Stillwater Fly Anglers Almanac is available in 2 different formats:

For more details on the contents of the almanac, please see below:

Here's an example of some pages for July, this shows a calendar, a note on what to expect fishing wise and some hints and tips for insects which should hatch in July and how best to imitate them:

We will be bringing an new version of the Stillwater Almanac out each year (in June), so you can chart your fly fishing life! Over the last year, the information contained within this Almanac really has changed my fly fishing for the better, I hope it will do the same for you.

Tight lines & have fun.

P.S. Please remember the Special Offer for the Launch Edition freebies will close at 23:59 on Sunday 5th June