Fly fishing is food for your soul - feed it with glass

I don't know about you, but my time on the water is precious - what with running Barbless Flies and family commitments I find it all too difficult to get any 'me time' on the water (especially during the summer when we are at our busiest).

This is why I want to have the best experience when I do get out. Our local rivers are very low at the minute - which is probably the same across the country, which is why the rod which takes pride of place in the truck is one of my ever-dependable glass rods. If I want to have a couple of hours on the water I want to use something which gives me joy just to cast it - they really are the essence of fly fishing for me.

Fibreglass is the perfect material to build fly rods that are extremely tough, smooth, durable and fuller flexing than their carbon equivalents. Fibreglass fly rods are perfectly suited for long lazy casting strokes, presenting dry flies like thistledown. 

One of the best commercially available glass rods is the Redington Butter Stick:

"So, generally with glass rods, you lose accuracy and distance and typically get a heavier rod, not so with the Butter Stick. This is hands down the most accurate rod at shorter distances I have ever used. Now being glass you still aren't going to get a rod that will cast 100 feet with ease, but you are getting a rod that can cast further than most glass rods out on the market. And surprisingly this is very lightweight, with a super light swing weight. I mean, there isn't a rod out there that I think would do better within 30 feet, casting small dry flies and nymphs than this rod."; McFly Angler - Global Flyfisher

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow it down and just enjoy being out on the water. The ButterStick from Redington does just that. Built using T-Glass construction on the Redington Heritage Taper, the ButterStick is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in the tightest of places. The retro cosmetics and slower action will make every day feel like throwback Thursday:

Butter Stick Features:

  • Slow action
  • T-Glass construction built on our Heritage Taper, a traditional fibreglass taper providing a classic glass feel
  • 1wt – 5wt feature unique all cork handle with slide rings
  • 6wt and 8wt feature saltwater-ready anodized aluminium reel seat and
  • increased butt section strength for fighting larger species
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Durable Cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime warranty

We have negotiated a special one-day-only discount on these rods:

  • Butter Stick 6' 0" 2wt - was £299 - now only £199(including free tracked next day delivery)
  • Butter Stick 7' 0" 3wt - was £299 - now only £199(including free tracked next day delivery)
  • Butter Stick 7' 6" 4wt - was £299 - now only £199(including free tracked next day delivery)

Butter Stick 8' 0" 5wt - was £299 - now only £199 (including free tracked next day delivery)

Please Note: We only have one of each of the above rods, so it's strictly on a 'first come, first served basis'. If you would like one, please be quick - they will not be around long at these prices! This offer is only available until midnight tonight (27th July).

If you're looking for somethinga little bit boutique ...

The EGO Pure S-Glass 7'6" 4wt fly rod - The best build quality we've ever seen.

This hand-built EGO Pure S-Glass rod is unique within the Ego rod range. This comes from the stiffening at the bottom of the blank and the delicate tip, which flexes down to the middle of the rod to load the rod when using lighter lines.

S-Glass is a material that found its way into the fishing industry from the army, where it is used, among other things, for combat vehicle armour. Compared to the older E-Glass, S-Glass is several dozen percent stronger and 15% stiffer.

EGO Fly Fishing was established due to their deep passion for fly fishing. The guys at EGO have a deep passion for offering the very best quality (at a sensible price). All of their rods are prepared and tested by fly anglers who have gained their experience on the best rivers in Europe. The Polish rivers of Pomorze, the San and the Dunajec as well as the rivers of the Balkan countries are favourite ones for the equipment to be tested. It is fishing on the Ribnik, San and Socca rivers that have provided them with enough experience to be able to create a perfect nymph or dry fly rod.

This EGO Pure S-Glass 7' 6" 4wt rod is a one-off and available from us for only £349.99, which includes fast, free delivery to anywhere in the world. Click on any image or button above to view the rod in more detail - you will be glad you did, the quality is stunning!

If you're not interested in a new rod, we've got some really special summer flies arriving with us tomorrow - direct from our man in Bosnia - keep an eye out for an email on Saturday morning, you won't want to miss these!

Tight lines & feed your soul.