Back In Stock - Bosnian Early Season Jigs

Barbless Flies
Over the last couple of weeks, we've had quite a few deliveries of flies - we're
gearing up, ready for the new river season to start - it's only a few weeks away

Here are a couple of our most popular early-season nymphs which are now
back in stock again ... fill your boots.

Back In Stock - Bosnian Early Season Jigs

We have restocked our unique Early Season Jig Selection for you from our
man in Bosnia. These early season nymphs are specifically chosen to give you
the widest possible choice, no matter which river conditions you face - heavier
nymphs for the higher water levels, more sparsely tied nymphs for the clearer
waters and lower flows.

These nymphs look super 'fishy' the quality has to be seen to be believed - if
you click on any image or link in this email you can see for yourself, as we've
got some really nice close up images on the site.

At only £20.00 for the selection - which includes 10 hand-tied Early Season
Jigs direct from the vice of our man in Bosnia, supplied in our eco-friendly packaging. Click on either the image or button above to view the nymphs in much more detail.

Back In Stock - Heavy Ceramic Nymphs

There are no guarantees in fly fishing, if there were it would be called 'catching'
instead of 'fishing' - and where's the fun in that! But having said that, we have
- what we think is a first for the UK - flies that actually do come with a

Our NEW Unbreakable Heavy Ceramic Nymph Selections are now back in
stock, especially good for targeting those early season trout in higher than
average rivers (and faster flows). Available with either Orange or Copper
coloured tungsten bead heads.

What's so unique about these nymphs then - apart from the way they're
made? These flies are unbreakable! So if you break one within the first year
of buying it, it will be replaced FREE of charge

At only £22.50 for either of the selections - which includes our unbreakable
guarantee, these are great value for money. Click on either the image or button
above to view the flies in much more detail.

Tight lines.