Green Mean
Catching Machine


The Green Mean Catching Machine Kit

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Feathersmith was born from the passion we have here at Barbless Flies for fly fishing. We treat all of our flies as we would a piece of jewellery and look at each as a miniature work of art - it's all about quality materials and attention to detail.

This fourth in the series of kits focuses on a lure/streamer pattern - equally at home in both Stillwaters and Rivers. This Green Mean Catching Machine pattern is based on an original Icelandic pattern - called "græn meina drápsvél", not easy to pronounce but really effective as a fry imitation.

Our Green Mean Catching Machine kit contains:

  • Ahrex FW581 Barbless Long-Shank Hooks (10 each of size 8, 10 & 12)
  • Semperfli Classic Black 8/0 Waxed Thread
  • Long Fibre Ice Dubbing (Green)
  • Grizzly Hackle (Size #16)
  • 3D Eyes (2.5mm Gold/Black)

PLEASE NOTE: If you're just starting out on tying flies, these bonus videos from our fly-tying maestro in Bosnia will give you a great grounding. They are designed to, give you the basic skills required to tie any fly in our Feathersmith kits:

Click Here To View Kenan's Beginning Fly Tying Video Lessons

First lets give you all the details on how to tie your Green Mean Catching Machine:

Notes on dressing the Green Mean Catching Machine:

The above tying video uses Super Glue to afix the 3D eyes to the pattern. We've not included any Super Glue in the kit as this is an agre-restricted item (and most home already will have some), we want to make this kit available to everyone. It is also possible to use a UV resin or varnish to attach the 3D eyes.

I'm assuming you now have a box full of Green Mean Catching Machine's - all tied by yourself. So, how do you get the best from them when fishing? Download our "Streamer & Lure Manifesto" Fact Sheet to find out more:

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GMCM Lifestyle - Named.png__PID:015b12a1-7942-4504-8b1d-9ffb27f1055e

"it's all about quality materials and attention to detail"