Varivas 16ft IWI Front Heavy Tapered Leader
Varivas 16ft IWI Front Heavy Tapered Leader

Varivas 16ft IWI Front Heavy Tapered Leader

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Birth of the next-generation, long tippet leader.

This new, innovative taper design will change how you perform fly fishing. Produced by Japan's master fly fishing angler Keiichiro Iwai for VARIVAS, the IWI Version FHT (Front Heavy Taper) tapered leader enables accurate turnover control and precision performance.

Features include:

  • Turnover performance-oriented FHT (Front Heavy Taper) for accurate control and precision.
  • 2m (6.5 ft.) long tippet makes replicating master angler Keiichiro Iwai’s famous long natural drift a possibility.
  • VARIVAS Smooth Tech Coating increases durability by reducing friction and preventing water absorption.
  • VARIVAS Smart Connect THIN design creates a smaller connection profile between the flyline and tapered leader.

Spec: 16ft | 4X to 6X

Colour:Butt Section: Fluoro Yellow / Tippet: Clear

    We have these Varivas leaders in 16ft lengths only. Each leader is available in sizes 4x, 5x, & 6x. Specification of the leaders and their profiles can be seen in the table below:

    Size Tip Diameter (mm) Butt Diameter (mm) Lb
    4X 0.165 0.46 4.5
    5X 0.148 0.45 3.5
    6X 0.128 0.44 2.5


    ALL VARIVAS TAPERED LEADERS are "Resin Coated" and "Non-Stress Coated" to ensure low memory, abrasion and water resistance, and prolonged life for both fresh and saltwater applications.

    Tapered Leader to Fly Line Connections:

    Most fly lines now come with a welded loop at the tip, we find the best way to attach your tapered leader is to tie a perfection loop (click here for tying instructions) in the butt end of your leader, and then use a loop-to-loop connection to attach it to your fly line. This way has the added advantage that should you wish to change your leader (for a longer/shorter/thinner one), then it's simply a case of loop-to-loop connecting the new leader.

    Should your fly line not already have a welded loop on the tip, then our favourite way to attach a tapered leader is with a needle knot (click here for a fantastic demo of the Needle Knot).

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