Tippet Rings
Tippet Rings

Tippet Rings

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Tippet rings make attaching tippet or leaders quicker and easier enabling you to switch out and change without cutting into your existing (tapered) leader. They are small metal rings made of stainless steel. Simply tie one to your butt section and tie your tippet to the ring. Black nickel finish for low visibility. We are supplying 10 per pack, threaded onto a snap swivel for convenience.

Top Tip: Tippet rings are tiny and very hard to handle, so when you’re tying your leader to a tippet ring for the first time, leave the tippet ring on the swivel that they’re sold on. Just find the outermost tippet ring and use the swivel as your base for tying your knot. Then you can open the swivel and slide out your attached tippet ring. 

We are supplying these in size: 2.0mm

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