Tina's Scud - Orange (Beaded)
Tina's Scud - Orange (Beaded)

Tina's Scud - Orange (Beaded)

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Tina's Scud - Orange

A ultra imitative scud pattern tied on a size 16 hook with gold tungsten bead head.

The scud fly, as tied by Tina Possnig (Slovenia). As you will see from the photo's these flies are extremely realistic and of a super high quality. Originally designed by the Slovenian fly tyer Ivo Kajznik ("the father" of the "epoxy" scud fly). Tina has advanced the art of Scud flies with these creations.

It's often said that fly fishing is an art rather than a sport, well these flies definitely blur the lines between art and flies.

Why use Scuds?

During the months of high weed growth in rivers and stillwaters, it is essential that you have a selection of scuds in your armoury - these are the most common invertebrates in the water at all points of the year - but especially the summer and late autumn. These scuds which work equally well on both rivers and stillwaters (if you dare fish them!).