Tactical Vladi Worm

Tactical Vladi Worm

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These Tactical Vladi Worms are tied for us by Polish Quills, who use multi-medalist, World and European champion fly tyers.

This fly is known in Eastern Europe as the Glajcha or Vladi Worm. It is an imitation of a bloodworm and fishes incredibly well in coloured and higher water. Even though the fly has a slim profile, it is still quite heavy, the body is tied with lead along the length of the hook shank.

The blank saver - Very often used in competitions whenever the conditions are less than optimal and is often a blank saving fly!

A new new member of out Tactical range. The Vladi Worm is tried and tested on Brown Trout and Grayling in competitions with great success, and now available to us normal anglers!

These flies are only available individually in sizes 8, 10, 12 & 14. Just choose your size, and click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.