Tactical Black Shadow Perdigon
Tactical Black Shadow Perdigon

Tactical Black Shadow Perdigon

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Our Tactical Perdigon's are tied for us by Lucian Vasies and he has really come up with the goods this time. These flies are tried and tested in competitions throughout the world.

The Tactical Black Shadow Perdigon is a classic French Nymph used by competitors in European and World Championships with great results. This model is simple but effective and works excellent in rivers with high fishing pressure. The fly is tied on a barbless hook and coated with UV Resin for high durability. 

How to use them:

Czech Style

  • We recommend a long and sensitive rod in size #2 -#4 of 10' or 11'
  • We recommend to be fished in a team of 2 nymphs on a thin leader (Czech type of leader)
  • The heavy nymph should be on the point and the smaller on a dropper
  • The droppers should be of maximum 12-15cm long and the distance between flies should be approx 50cm

French Style and Spanish Style

  • We recommend a sensitive rod from size #2 up to #5 of 9-10'
  • We recommend to be used one small nymph
  • The leader should be of 3 to 4m.

Long Nymphing style

  • Similar to the Czech style or Spanish style, the leader should be between 6 and 9m long
  • A piece of bi-colour indicator mono should be used as a strike indicator.

Tactical Black Shadow Perdigon - This nymph is absolutely deadly and works well in crystal clear water in very small sizes (#20). On size #16 this nymph works perfectly in muddy/cloudy waters. Grayling also love this fly as it is discrete and a close representation of small dark nymphs. 

These flies are available individually in sizes 14 and 18. Just choose your size and then click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantity in your cart.