Spectra Hare Jig - from Stefano Baggi
Spectra Hare Jig - from Stefano Baggi

Spectra Hare Jig - from Stefano Baggi

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I was searching for a heavier alternative to the classic GRHE, and finally I found an excellent solution, The Spectra Hare Jig, when this fly is underwater, the spectra orange dubbing attracts fish, the neck of squirrel and CdC creates a bubble, adding to its movement.

    • Tail: Cream Rooster
    • Body: Hare Dubbing
    • Rib: 0.2mm Golden Wire
    • Thorax: Spectra Orange Dub
    • Neck: CdC/Squirrel Blend
    • Bead: Tungsten Slotted 4.5mm Gold
    • Hook: Wizard J-2 Competition Jig Size 10
    • Weight: 0.9g

Now that Winter is finally making an appearance and the frosts are starting to become more regular, the Grayling will have started to shoal up in the deeper pockets. With the rivers generally higher than normal and the flow often stronger, you're going to need something a bit heavier if you want to target the Grayling in these conditions. Enter The Heavy Mob from Stefano Baggi, these Grayling (and Trout) nymphs are absolutely deadly on his local rivers in Italy, try them on yours!

All of his flies are tested on his local rivers and streams and are great for Grayling (and the odd trout). Stefano's local rivers include:

  • River Oglio - Where you can find Marble Trout, Brown Trout, Grayling and Lake Trout.
  • River Sesia and Mastallone - In the lovely Valsesia (Piedmont), famous for big Marble, Rainbow and Brown Trout.
  • River Adda and Chiese - famous for big and stunning Grayling

His flies are especially effective on rivers where you need to get down deep quickly. So they will be invaluable on some of the deeper and faster flowing rivers here in the UK.