Olive Snake
Olive Snake

Olive Snake

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A snake is a lure which represents a minnow/fry, which are present in both rivers and stillwaters from July/August onward. They particularly come into their own for rivers in September, and for stillwaters from September to December. To a trout these patterns seem very much alive when any action is imparted to them - therefore these are fished quite actively (try twitching them down and across through any deep holes!).

Available in either 50mm or 80mm lengths, these snakes are tied with an olive rabbit fur body, bead eyes and green tinsel flash.

How to fish them:

High Water - When the rivers are running higher than normal or coloured, try running a snake through the back eddies (with a sinking leader). Keep out of the main flow, and think like a minnow! Also try dead drifting the snake downstream, then retrieve it back (across the flow) with the odd twitch.

Low Light Conditions - With trout feeding more confidently in low light conditions, try a snake after the evening rise has finished. You will be surprised and what you can catch (even in just a few inches of water). Concentrate on fishing the tails of pools and shallower riffles. It's also worthwhile pulling a snake through any flat water just as nightfall starts, again, trout are a lot more confident after dusk.

These flies are only available individually in hook size 10 (in either 50mm or 80 mm lengths). Just click on "add to cart" and then adjust the quantity in your cart.