Sand Heavy Ceramic
Sand Heavy Ceramic

Sand Heavy Ceramic

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These flies are designed to be the point fly in a Czech Nymph setup. We fish these with our 8m Indicator Leader, for super sensitivity and stealth! They are made with lead wire which is then coated with a polymerized UV cure to provide their hard ceramic shell, then topped off with a tungsten bead.. The surface of the body is totally smooth, this feature allows them to sink faster and deeper than any other nymphs. Ceramic flies account for lots of fish on the continent because their body is made of alternate clear and dark rings which imitate the caddis and mayflies larvas found in UK rivers.

We supply these heavy ceramic Czech nymphs in two sizes (14's  & 16's), their tungsten equivalents are:

  • Size 14 Tungsten Ceramic = 0.8mm Lead Wire = 0.31g = 3.5mm Tungsten Bead
  • Size 16 Tungsten Ceramic = 0.6mm Lead Wire = 0.25g = 3.0mm Tungsten Bead

Sand Heavy Ceramic. Sand segmented ceramic body, orange tungsten bead & Spectra dubbing.

These flies are available individually in sizes 14 & 16. Just click on "add to cart" and then adjust the quantity in your cart.