Perdigon Selection
Perdigon Selection
Perdigon Selection
Perdigon Selection
Perdigon Selection

Perdigon Selection

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The Barbless Perdigon Selection, our friend Lucian Vasies has tied a special selection of barbless perdigon nymphs for us. Here we present this selection of 16 barbless perdigon flies in a free 8 compartment fly box and as always we offer free delivery to anywhere in the world.

Perdigon flies were developed approximately 6 years ago by Spanish competitors and are used in clear, fast flowing rivers. These flies have tungsten bead heads and thin bodies, made of thread and tinsel, they are then covered with a UV resin to provide durability and a very slim profile which allows a very fast sink rate compared with the classic beaded nymphs. The light colored perdigones are for very clear waters with light bottoms and cream or light olive rocks and sands. These nymphs are tied on small barbless hooks.

How to use them:

Czech Style

  • Use a long and sensitive rod in size #2 -#4 of 10' or 11'
  • Generally to be fished in a team of 2 nymphs on a thin leader ( Czech type of leader ), the heavy nymph should be on the point and the smaller on a dropper
  • Droppers should be of maximum 12-15cm and the distance between flies should be aprox 50cm

    French Style

  • Use a sensitive rod from size #2 up to #5 of 9-10'
  • We would recommend just used one small nymph
  • Your leader should be of 3 to 4.5m, a classic tapered nymph with parallel tip of aprox 60cm to allow a fast sinking rate for the nymph

    Descriptions and photo's of the flies can be found below:

    Olive Perdigon. This nymph is very similar to our most popular fly (the Red-Neck PTN), only this is heavier and has a slimmer profile. Ideal for all rivers this is really a "go to" nymph. This selection contains two each of sizes 16 & 20.

    Black Shadow Perdigon. This nymph is absolutely deadly and works well in crystal clear water in very small sizes (#20). On size #16 this nymph works perfectly in muddy/cloudy waters. Grayling also love this fly as it is discrete and a close representation of small dark nymphs. This selection contains two each of sizes 16 & 20.

    Olive Bomb Perdigon. The Olive Bomb Specialist perdigon is olive in body with silver wire tinsel and orange hot spot. It is a kind of stimulator that works fantastically in very deep parts of rivers where the light is low. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

    Lemon Specialist Perdigon. Our Tactical Lemon Perdigon Specialist is a small and very heavy nymph tied for fishing in very clear waters with sand and light stones on the bottom. Is a perfect fly for fast and very fast flowing rivers and works excellent in clear waters or very low water levels. Is a perfect fly fished in team with an olive perdigon to better cover the color spectrum of natural nymphs. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 18.

    Note: Should the "Tree Trout" steal any of your flies, I am happy to sell flies individually to allow you to top up your box. Please contact me using this link with details of your order, and I will email you an invoice. Perdigon flies can be bought for £2 per fly.

    The above price includes 16 hand-tied perdigon flies with a free 8 compartment fly box. We now offer the option to upgrade to a Premium Silicone Fly Box for an extra £6, for details of the box we offer see here.

    We currently have these fly selections in stock and will ship these to you as soon as we receive notification of your payment, generally if a payment is made in the morning your flies will be with you the very next day. All products from Barbless-Flies are shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world.