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Otter Butter

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We believe we are the only online place you can buy Otter Butter in the UK. This line and leader treatment really is as good as everyone says it is. Just a quick wipe before you go fishing and your leader and line will float all day. What are you waiting for - give it a go.

Otter Butter is a hand-crafted fly line and leader dressing made by in Groton, MA (USA). Otter Butter applies easily with the included chamois applicator and a single application should last through a long day on the water. Originally developed for oiled silk fly lines, Otter Butter can be used on all fly lines, furled leaders and tenkara lines, modern synthetic fly lines. It does not contain any harmful solvents or ingredients and does not contain silicones. 

Otter Butter has a mild and pleasant beeswax fragrance. Otter Butter leaves a thin, hard coating on your line that glides through the guides. You will hear and feel the difference on silk and modern synthetic lines. It also does not pick up grit like other line dressings.

Otter Butter comes in a screw-top tin can and is a full 1.5oz. Also available in a convenient pocket size (0.25oz) for streamside dressing of your furled leaders, tenkara lines and fly line touch-ups.

Try Otter Butter, we think you'll agree, "It floats better!


Never apply Otter Butter to a damp or wet line. Apply to clean fly line with chamois pad at least 30 minutes in advance of fishing - this gives the butter time to set up properly. Make sure the butter gets down into the weave and remove excess with the chamois. A thin coat is more effective and actually lasts longer. An application should last the entire day.


  • Keep the chamois clean by washing in with warm water and soap to remove built up dirt and butter residue.
  • Dirty lines should be washed in warm soapy water using a mild detergent like Woolite™ and pre-dried by wiping with a clean cloth rag several times. Then allow the line to dry in loose coils or on a line dryer.

To apply Otter Butter to a line previously dressed with Mucilin or another product:

  • Wipe the old dressing off with a clean cloth rag. You will probably see a lot of dirt on the rag from the grit the original dressing picked up.
  • Apply Otter Butter according to the instructions above.