Micro Worm
Micro Worm
Micro Worm

Micro Worm

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Another one of Stan's classic worm imitations. An all purpose river and reservoir nymph, especially for early season fishing. The is a light nymph/worm imitation which is ideally used as dropper for Czech nymphing on rivers, sight nymphing and ideal as a dropper in a stillwater setup.

These are tiny translucent worms tied on size 16 hooks and are available in three different colour variations, Brown, Gunmetal Grey & Red.

These flies (like most worm patterns) are most effective in high water ( or after a  flood/rise in water) when its going down and clearing. Where these patterns really come into their own is in smaller rivers with high soil banks where real worms are washed from banks. Use these as a general dropper to imitate earth worms, bloodworms and spent insect shells.

The blank saver - Very often used in competitions whenever the conditions are less than optimal and is often a blank saving fly!

Fly Information
Hook Size:  Size 16 special bent fine wire
Head Composition: Translucent glass beads
Body Composition: Translucent glass beads
Latin Name: Lumbricus Terrestris
Weight: Light to medium (glass beads)

These Micro Worms are available in three colour variations:

Brown - representing a small earthworm

Gunmetal Grey -  a reservoir fly imitating any kind of pale greyish larvae or exuvia (dead insect shell)

Red - imitating a classic chironomid

These flies are only available individually in size 16. Just choose your colour, and click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.