Micro Caenis
Micro Caenis
Micro Caenis

Micro Caenis

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The 'Anglers Curse' or Caenis to give it its real name. Often the source of great frustration when the evening hatch is in full flight, but from the wisdom of the French (and Stan's vice) comes this Caenis nymph pattern. Small and black with micro coloured beads, these nymphs are proven to work when most others don't. You just need to fish them slightly differently! Try these nymphs on a long leader fished just sub-surface. These are a great pattern for both rivers and stillwaters/reservoirs.

  • For Rivers: Target the slow silty glides with these nymphs presented just under the surface, these are often taken on the drop so you need to keep in touch with the nymph as soon as it lands.
  • For Stillwaters: Try one of these on a short dropper on a washing line rig - again fished high in the water. 

We are offering these Micro Caenis Nymphs in three colour variations:

  • Orange
  • Fluoro Green
  • Pink

    These flies are only available in size 18.

    Choose your colour and then click "Add to Cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.