Massimo's Modular Dry Fly Tapered Leaders
Massimo's Modular Dry Fly Tapered Leaders
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Massimo's Modular Dry Fly Tapered Leaders

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Welcome to our newest product - the Ghibli Modular Dry Fly Tapered Leader - from Massimo Magliocco & Barbless Flies. These leaders give a much more delicate presentation than standard 'shop bought' leaders. They are all tied by hand and include a micro-loop at the tip - this loop is a perfection loop which is around 2mm in diameter. We have these available in three different sizes:

2.7 Metre (approx 9ft)
3.6 Metre (approx 12ft)
4.5 Metre (approx 15ft)

Designed specifically by Massimo Magliocco, these new tapered leaders have a profile that is about 36% -36% -28% for power, taper and tippet, and they are much more manageable than those that are sold which have percentages of 60-20-20.

We asked our local fly fishing god/addict (Dave Southall) if he would give them a test for us and let us know what he thinks - here's what he said:

" Very little memory after being stored on the reel & what little memory there is, is easily stretched out. Nice & supple to resist drag. The taper is good as the leader will turn over well, even into a wind. Yesterday there was no wind but at close range, I could cast just the leader plus 4’ of 5x tippet with my 10’ 4/5 weight rod whilst I was teaching casting on Mulberry Whin Fishery. I like the micro-Perfection Loop since I always tie them onto my own leaders to save cutting back the leader every time I tie on a new piece of tippet. In conclusion, it is a very good leader for dry fly or fishing nymphs (other than Euronymphing)." - D.Southall 2022

Made from nylon with just the right elasticity. The micro loop guarantees a higher leader strength. When dry fly fishing we recommend using a fluorocarbon tippet so that it will slightly sink below the water surface and prevent drag - usually when fishing on moving water, drag is caused by the tippet and not the fly!

These leaders are supplied with a pre-tied micro-loop, so that anglers can tie the tippet from 0.12 to 0.15. So with these modular leaders, the angler can adapt and alter them to their needs.

We have these leaders in 3 different sizes 9ft, 12ft and 15ft. Each leader ends in 0.20mm tippet (roughly 6lb). Add to this your own 3' to 4' length of tippet.

Specification of the leaders and their profiles can be seen in the table below:

 Size Tip Diameter (mm) Butt Diameter (mm) Lb
9ft 0.20 0.53 6.0
12ft 0.20 0.53 6.0
15ft 0.20 0.53 6.0


All you need to do is add 3ft to 4ft of your favoured tippet to the miro-loop on the end of the leader and you're good to go. 

Looped Leader to Fly Line Connection:

Most fly lines now come with a welded loop at the tip, we find the best way to attach your modular leader is to tie a perfection loop (click here for tying instructions) in the butt end of your leader, and then use a loop-to-loop connection to attach it to your fly line. This way has the added advantage that should you wish to change your leader (for a longer/shorter/thinner one), then it's simply a case of loop-to-loop connecting the new leader.

Should your fly line not already have a welded loop on the tip, then our favourite way to attach a tapered leader is with a needle knot (click here for a fantastic demo of the Needle Knot).