Loch Style Selection
Loch Style Selection
Loch Style Selection
Loch Style Selection
Loch Style Selection

Loch Style Selection

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The Barbless Loch Style Selection. Loch Style fly fishing is one of the oldest forms of fishing, what could be better than drifting in a loch (except maybe for the Midges - Avon Skin So Soft cures that) and tempting those stunningly marked wild trout. Due to demand from our loyal customers we have tied up some Loch Style flies (the most popular patterns). This selection comes with 16 flies (4 different patterns, 2 of each in sizes 10 and 12).

Here's a few pointers on loch fishing (not that we are experts at it, having so few lochs near us!):

  • Use a long rod (a 10' to 12', 5 or 6 weight with a floating or slow sinking line), with a team of 3 or 4 bushy wet flies (in sizes from 10 to 14).
  • Try with a leader of similar length to the rod you are using (with the flies on droppers spaced 3 feet apart). Cast a similar amount of fly line to the length of your leader.
  • Use a bushy fly on the top dropper (or point, if you are using the 'Washing Line' technique - good for fishing around weed-beds) and don't forget to skate the floating fly through the ripples/waves. 

Once again, we do not charge anything for delivery, to anywhere in the world.

Descriptions and photo's of the flies can be found below:

Kate McLaren. This fly needs no introduction - One of the most successful Brown Trout (and Sea Trout) flies ever devised. A great fly for the top dropper (or point fly). This selection contains two each of sizes 10 & 12.

Claret Bumble. Can be fished as both a dapped fly and a wet fly, believed to originate in the 1500's this fly has proven its worth in every loch anglers fly box. This selection contains two each of sizes 10 & 12.

Black Zulu. Once banned from competitive loch angling (it's that good!), it is best fished as a top dropper (or on the point), skated on the top of the ripples/waves on windy days. This selection contains two each of sizes 10 & 12.

Loch Ordie. Another fly originally devised for dapping, this fly is great when skated across the top creating a wake behind it. This selection contains two each of sizes 10 & 12.

Note: Should the weed-beds steal any of your flies, I am happy to sell flies individually to allow you to top up your box. Please contact me using this link with details of your order, and I will email you an invoice. Loch Style flies can be bought for £1.25 per fly.

The above price includes 16 hand-tied barbless loch style flies with a free 8-compartment fly box. We now offer the option to upgrade to a Premium Silicone Fly Box for an extra £6, for details of the box we offer see here.

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All fly selections from Barbless Flies are shipped free of charge, to anywhere in the world.