Latex Maggots
Latex Maggots

Latex Maggots

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These Latex Maggot imitations are from a new supplier to Barbless Flies (Caledonia Fly Company), and the quality is outstanding. 

These Latex Maggots (like most maggot/worm patterns) are most effective in high water ( or after a  flood/rise in water) when it's fining down and clearing, they usually attract the bigger fish when used in the bigger sizes. Which is why we are supplying these flies in size 8 only!

Where these patterns really come into their own is in smaller rivers with high soil banks where real worms are washed from banks. Use the bigger sizes as a point fly in deeper holes, the smaller sizes as a general dropper (smaller sizes can imitate a bloodworm).

The blank saver - Very often used in competitions whenever the conditions are less than optimal and are often a blank saving fly!

These are very high-quality flies tied on high-quality barbless hooks (Partridge SLD's) and are only available in size 8, click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.