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There's a saying - "Big Flies Catch Big Fish"

We are really proud to present to you a set of streamers, something hopefully you will have not seen before!

Larvo-Streamers are mini streamers made with polymerised beads, some with translucent bodies. 

The bodies are all made with various coloured beads covered with UV resin, to make them virtually indestructible (should a Pike take a fancy to it!). The tails are made of rabbit fur offering a realistic movement and light reflection. Each streamer has a body profile to match minnows with 2 realistic eyes.

These streamers are all tied on long shank barbless Size 10 hooks and have the exact size of a minnow (each fly is roughly 5cm long and weighs 0.5g), the perfect size for reservoir and stillwater trout (and don't forget these can also be used on those brownies in the river).

How to fish Streamers

When fishing big flies it's all about control and your connection with the fly. A shorter leader helps you keep better control of the streamer and how it fishes. Start with a level piece of mono 3 to 4 feet long. When in doubt, go shorter.

There are 2 main types of retrieve employed when streamer fishing: the stripped retrieve and the swing (down and across on rivers). Just remember to keep in touch with the streamer and try to impart some action into it as the fly moved in the current.

On Stillwaters - Fish these streamers as you would any other lure on your favourite stillwater, short leaders with short jerky movements.

Rivers - High Water - When the rivers are running higher than normal or coloured, try running a streamer through the back eddies. Keep out of the main flow, and think like a minnow! Also try dead drifting the streamer downstream, then retrieve it back (across the flow) with the odd twitch.

Rivers - Low Light Conditions - With trout feeding more confidently in low light conditions, try a streamer after the evening rise has finished. You will be surprised and what you can catch (even in just a few inches of water). Concentrate on fishing the tails of pools and shallower riffles. It's also worthwhile pulling a streamer through any flat water just as nightfall starts, again, trout feed more confidently after dusk.

We have lots of colour variations for these streamers:

Just click on the colour variant above and the image of the streamer will be displayed (it will save you scrolling through all the various images):

  • Gold
  • Light Brown
  • Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Black

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