Indicator Beetle Selection
Indicator Beetle Selection
Indicator Beetle Selection
Indicator Beetle Selection
Indicator Beetle Selection

Indicator Beetle Selection

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The Indicator Beetle Selection, during these warm summer months, it is essential that you have a selection of terrestrial flies in your armoury. We have created this selection of Indicator Beetles which work equally well on both rivers and stillwaters. Here we have a selection of 8 beetles four different patterns, two of each in size 18. These flies have all been tied in the UK by David Warren (who also ties our Pike & Perch Streamers).

In the warmer summer afternoons, a beetle pattern is an essential searching pattern, when fish are not rising.

To search a river, try this technique:

1. From the bank, section the river into lanes about 3ft wide.
2. Cast upstream and make 3 or 4 drifts in the nearest lane, repeat for each lane, working away from you.
3. Step upstream and repeat the process.

To search a Stillwater, try this technique:

1. From the bank, imagine a fan with 8 points laid out on the water.
2. Cast to each point of the fan 3 or 4 times, and retrieve using the Splash & Twitch technique (see below)
3. Move further along the bank and repeat the process.

Splash & Twitch Technique

With each of the searching methods mentioned above, why not give the "Splash & Twitch" technique a go. As Beetles are a land-based insect, they are regularly blown (or drop from trees) onto the water, and they are not that elegant when they do! Don't worry about perfect presentation, it is often better for the fly to splash down on the water, Keep in touch with the drift as the water brings the fly back to you and give the fly a slight twitch every now and then. You will be amazed how often this inducement will bring up a fish!

Don't forget to drift the beetle under any overhanging branches.

Remember, the takes are sometimes quite fierce, so pay attention!

Descriptions and photo's of the flies can be found below:

This selection contains four different patterns, all in the same style and all in size 18. The four styles are tied using different coloured foam and indicators. The colour combinations are:

  • Black Foam/White Indicator
  • Black Foam/Pink Indicator
  • Olive Foam/Pink Indicator
  • Brown Foam/Pink Indicator 

The above price includes 8 hand-tied beetles supplied in our eco-friendly packaging. All products from Barbless Flies are shipped free of charge, to anywhere in the world.