Grayling - 'In A Box'

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Fancy starting Grayling fishing this season - read on ...

We've got you covered - We have put together everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included in our 'Grayling in a box' is:

  • Our Specialist Nymph Line
  • 1 x Bi-Colour Indicator
  • 10 x 2mm Tippet Rings
  • 1 x Spool of Trouthunter Mono (either 4.5X, 5.5X, 6X or 7X)
  • 10 of our most successful Grayling flies (barbless of course!)



All of this for only £35 (when bought separately this would be roughly £50). Here's some more info on exactly what's included:

Specialist Nymph Line:

Very thin lines cut through the air easily and can be fished (without tangles) on even the windiest of days. We love the way they are much easier to manage than either mono or braid. They are ultra-sensitive, meaning you can feel the flies on the river-bed However, the one thing we did not like, was the take detection. In most cases you have to feel the takes through your fingers, we wanted something which was much more visual. Enter our Brilliant White Specialist Nymph Line.

Our Specialist Nymph Fly Line has the following properties:

  • Very Thin - 0.55mm level line
  • It Floats - for when you need to change styles and nymph at longer ranges
  • Micro welded loops on either end of the fly line
  • Total Length - 30m (100ft)
  • Low-Stretch braided core
  • Brilliant White for easier take detection

These lines have been designed to be used specifically with Euro Nymphing rods (i.e. lightweight rods which are over 9ft in length), but we have found they work equally as well with shorter rods when nymphing on those really hard to get at areas!

Bi-Colour Indicator:

This is a short length of bi-coloured indicator (Fluoro Yellow and Pink), with a perfection loop tied at one end (you attach a tippet ring to the other end). Highly visible, making it very easy to detect even the slightest of takes.

2mm Tippet Rings:

We are including a set of 10 x 2mm tippet rings. These are very small and do not affect the sensitivity of the rig, but do make changing tippet very easy. Just tie the tippet ring to the end of the Bi-Colour Indicator.

TroutHunter Mono:

Whenever you are Grayling fishing it is always worthwhile stepping up the strength of tippet you are using. We are including a spool of the very popular TroutHunter Nylon. A general rule of thumb to use when deciding on how much tippet to use is: use 1.5 times the depth at which you want to fish, so if the area you are fishing is 4ft deep, use 6ft of tippet.

Grayling Flies:

We thought we had better start you off on the right foot as far as flies are concerned (as that's what we do)! We are including 5 each of our most popular Grayling nymphs (from our Grayling Selection).

Winter Grayling fishing and Specialist Nymphing Fly Lines

When you're fishing for Grayling it’s usually in late Autumn or Winter and you’re lucky if you can feel your fingers at all, never mind a thin fly line. To that end, we wanted to do something much more visual and after lots of reading (and testing) we have come up with a micro-thin diameter nymph line which is brilliant white in colour, this makes it super easy to detect takes by sight. Nine times out of ten when you're nymph fishing for Grayling, you’re either watching your line against the water (which is usually coloured) or against the far bank (which is either green or brown) - Having a white fly-line means you can easily see the line, and detect even the slightest of takes. Having the line thin with a low stretch core means you can also feel the flies on the river bed, the best of both worlds.

The following short video shows you some short-line nymphing using the line against both a coloured river and high banks. You can easily see the line and detect takes.

Specialist Nymph Line from Barbless-Flies on Vimeo.

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