Ghibli Graphene 9' 4/5wt River Rod - from Massimo Magliocco

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Welcome to our newest product - the 9' Ghibli Graphene River Rod - from Massimo Magliocco & Barbless Flies.

We don't do this very often, but every now and then a piece of equipment comes along that really catches our eye. This is one of them, a specialist river rod, made for those larger rivers where you need full control (and accuracy) at greater distances!

Ok, so why should you be interested, "I've already got loads of rods" I hear you say, well here's a quick overview:

  • It's a 9' 4/5 weight (rod weight explanation below) - in 4 pieces
  • It has a Medium-Fast Action
  • Fast recovery rate allowing you to form very tight loops
  • Single-leg guides
  • It's made from Graphene (see below for more info)
  • Loads right down to the butt section
  • Great for casting into the wind
  • Soft(ish) tip allows you to fish right down to 8X tippet
  • Very forgiving for us average casters
  • Comes with a spare tip section - should the worst happen!
  • It's only £250 - for a Graphene rod, that is very very good value!

This specialist river rod has been designed and produced by Massimo Magliocco specifically for the Italian Style of Casting, where they underline shorter rods, generating fast line speeds during the cast. However, it was quite quickly recognised that when fishing any medium to large size river, where the majority of casts are long (and generally either into or across the wind), this rod really came into its own. The ability to throw tight, controlled loops is this rods raison d'être.!

If you fish in the larger (faster) waters it is important to deliver the fly accurately, to achieve this goal, a slow rod or too fast won't help you, so you need a rod that you can load in the best way that helps you to manage a faster line speed and tighter loops - the Ghibli 9' #4/5 at the moment is one the best rods for the job.

These rods have been designated (by Massimo) with a weight of #4/5 (this is an Italian Style casting weight), this means that if you wish to use the Italian Style of casting then the rod is rated for a 4-weight. However, if you wish to use the conventional style of casting then it is rated for a 5-weight.

These rods are made from Graphene the very latest in material technology:

"Since its discovery in 2004, this Nobel-prize-winning material has been used in Formula One race cars and Nasa space shuttles. Due to its tightly-packed carbon atoms, graphene exists as a sheet at only one atom thick. Despite its two-dimensional properties, graphene is widely regarded as the strongest material ever tested."

This gives the rod's power and lightness. Each rod is supplied with two tip sections so the angler is never without a replacement in case the worst should happen.


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