Furled Leader - Mono
Furled Leader - Mono

Furled Leader - Mono

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We have teamed up with Luke Bannister to offer these exquisite Furled Leaders. Luke is the only name you need for furled leaders in the UK, having taken over the production from Rod Dibble, who some of you will no doubt know. Over the years Rod developed some excellent tapers and has been kind enough to pass on all of his leader designs, as well as his Furling boards, so that Luke can continue to make them in the same way.

If you have never used a Furled Leader, then now is the ideal time, great for both dry fly and nymph work.

This is the ideal furled leader for Dry Fly fishing to very spooky fish. The turnover of these leaders has to be seen to be believed.

Available in a 6ft length, spun from fine translucent nylon, theses leaders will compliment lines from 1wt to 5wt. Easy to attach and durable, this furled leader is perfect for the various tactics of river fishing.

The furled leader has supple woven shorb loop at each end giving a smooth transition through fly line, tapered leader and out to the tippet section. The spun construction gives the leader excellent shock absorbing qualities, vital for protecting fine tippets and reducing the numbers of bumped fish

When fishing a dry fly lightly dress the furled leader with Mucilin or Gink to give it excellent buoyancy. If conditions are more suited to wet flies or nymph fishing,
then dress the leader with Xink and the set up will work as a gentle sinking tip.

Leader Setup:

For mono tippet we suggest a Surgeons or Perfection Loop on the end of a 30” to 36" length of 5lb (4X) mono. Join on a length of 24” to 30" of 3lb (6X) test using a Double (or Triple) Surgeons knot, if you want to fish a dropper leave one side of the knot untrimmed (the 3lb tail is best). Make the loop to loop connection and you are ready to fish, if you are neat with your Double Surgeon knots the 5lb length will last a long time, change the tippet section when it gets a bit short or collects a few wind knots.

Here's a few videos Luke made to whet your appetite:

Once again, these are shipped free of charge to anywhere in the world.

Go on ... you won't regret it.