F4P Big Bufford's
F4P Big Bufford's

F4P Big Bufford's

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We have a new selection of Barbless Pike/Zander Flies, especially tied for rivers (they are also good for lake/reservoir or even inshore salt-water fishing), ideally targeting those larger fish in the river who predate on fry (including those huge elusive browns!). They particularly come into their own for rivers in the colder months of the year, and for stillwaters from September to December. To a Pike/Zander these patterns seem very much alive when any action is imparted to them - therefore these are fished quite actively (try twitching them down and across through any deep holes!).

The flies have been especially tied for us by a new company in the UK (F4P - Flies 4 Preds). The flies we have on offer are pretty big, measuring around 8 inches long and are all tied on Partridge AD Swier barbless predator hooks (specifically designed to land big fish, with a wide gape, barbless dropped point and forged).

A bit about F.4.P Flies: F4P started life as a hobby, tying flies for personal use, it then moved on to tying flies for friends and sharing their designs via social media. As demand started to grow for their pike and Zander flies a small hobby turned into a small business.

    Big Bufford's: These flies are massive - 9 inches long, tied with barbless 4/0 hooks. Huge water displacement and wake are the main features of the Bufford due to the large head. Much slower sinking than regular Pike/Zander flies these are fished near the surface or mid-water on an intermediate line. Tied in purple and black, to tempt even the most reluctant Pike to have a go! The Big Bufford is available now. 


    How to fish them:

    High Water - When the rivers are running higher than normal or coloured, try running a these flies through the back eddies. Keep out of the main flow, and think like a minnow! Also try dead drifting the fly downstream, then retrieve it back (across the flow) with the odd twitch.

    Low Light Conditions - With fish feeding more confidently in low light conditions, try one of these after the evening rise has finished. You will be surprised and what you can catch (even in just a few inches of water). Concentrate on fishing the tails of pools and shallower riffles. It's also worthwhile pulling one through any flat water just as nightfall starts, again, fish are a lot more confident after dusk.

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