Detached CdC Dun Mayfly
Detached CdC Dun Mayfly

Detached CdC Dun Mayfly

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Detached CdC Dun Mayfly

A classic mayfly imitation, super buoyant and tied to exacting standards. A classic detached body Mayfly imitation. These flies are absolutely beautiful. They really are too nice to cast. One of the most effective Mayfly imitations when spinners are on the water.

Spent Mayflies

Slightly darker in colour to the spinner, some mayflies die as soon as they hatch. These are an easy target for trout, sometimes they actively target these in preference to the hatching flies. In which case these are the go-to flies.

Target slow, deep and silty water; this is where the female will lay her eggs.

Top Tip: If you see spinners dancing above you, pay very close attention to the water for softly rising fish, and look for dead spinners caught in small pockets of dead water behind rocks or debris. If you find any, pick them up so you can get a good idea of their size and colour and then select an appropriate pattern.

This fly is only available in size 10.

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