Copper-Tailed Frenchie - Clear Copper
Copper-Tailed Frenchie - Clear Copper

Copper-Tailed Frenchie - Clear Copper

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Our Frenchie Perdigon's are tied for us by Stan (of Ceramic Flies fame) and he has really come up with the goods this time. Instead of tying with thread, these are tied with tin wire and no bead (he uses resin to form the head of the fly). This spreads the weight across the whole length of the hook and allows the fly to sink uniformly (rather than head first, when using a bead).

These perdigons are much lighter than the normal perdigons, and are ideal for fishing on the slower runs and riffles. They are also ideal for fishing on a dropper as a part of a multi-fly rig (especially when Czech Nymphing).

A perdigon fly is usually a beaded fly tied with thread on a small hook, the thread is then coated with a resin to make a slim (bullet shaped) profile. It is believed that these flies were originally introduced by the Spanish competition anglers, however everyone should have them in their fly boxes. Because of their size (being small), they are ideal flies to use on rivers which see lots of anglers, fish are less wary when feeding on smaller insects.

Perdigon nymphs are generally used in the faster stretches of water, due to their slim, smooth profiles, they sink very quickly and can get to the river bed quickly. This allows you longer drifts each time you cast. However, using these flies will allow you to fish those slower parts, which anglers normally pass by.

Our Frenchie Perdigons have 4 mains assets :

  • A luminous and translucent tail
  • A segmented body made from copper wire
  • A tail with a colour adapted to the body colour
  • A fully varnished body that allows it to sink fast for a light fly.

    Clear Copper-Tailed Frenchie - Tied with a translucent resin bead body, with a copper wire butt and short clear tail

    These flies are available individually in sizes 14. Just click on "add to cart" and then adjust the quantity in your cart.