Bosnian Caddis Pupae
Bosnian Caddis Pupae

Bosnian Caddis Pupae

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A nymph with a difference from Bosnia, The Bosnian Caddis Pupae. 

This Caddis pupa is tied to represent a specific phase of the Caddis fly. It is tied on a curved barbless hook, weighted with lead tape and using olive thin Nymph Skin as a body material, pheasant tail as a thorax cover, melted silicon as eyes and Ice UV dub as thorax, it is best used as an imitation for picky fish. The antennas and wings are from Mallard duck.

A great fly to try at this time of year. Caddis larvae are found in all of our rivers (and Stillwaters), with Grayling (and Rainbow Trout) gorging on them as they become dislodged in the heavy flows. Trundle one of these along the river bed and hang on! 

This Caddis nymph imitation is ideally used as a point fly in any nymphing setup (and great for sight nymphing). Don't forget about using these on stillwaters also (over half of the UK Caddis flies are found in stillwaters). These Caddis imitations are all tied on size 14 heavy wire barbless hooks.

    These flies are only available individually in size 14. Just choose your colour, and click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.