Baz's Mayfly
Baz's Mayfly

Baz's Mayfly

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Baz's Mayfly

I've no idea who Baz is, whoever he is/was he has an eye for a fly! -

Update - I've been reliably informed that the Baz in question is Baz Reece - an outstanding UK Grayling angler and international fly angler (thanks for the info Ben).

This is fast becoming a classic mayfly imitation, Fish these as the Mayfly are emerging during the early afternoon. This fly is tied with a white body with thin red ribbing, a mohican hackle (for visibility) and the signature tail. One of the most effective Mayfly imitations when spinners are emerging on the water.

Mayfly Spinners

Once the dun has moulted into a spinner and mated, it returns to the river to lay its eggs during the late afternoon. This is some of the most eagerly anticipated fly fishing of the year!

Target slow, deep and silty water; this is where the female will lay her eggs.

Top Tip: If you see spinners dancing above you, pay very close attention to the water for softly rising fish, and look for dead spinners caught in small pockets of dead water behind rocks or debris. If you find any, pick them up so you can get a good idea on their size and colour and then select an appropriate pattern.

This fly is available in either size 10 or 12.

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