Anorexic Dry Flies

Anorexic Dry Flies

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These stunning Micro Dry Flies from Polish Quills are exquisite and so nicely tied they are amazing.

We are supplying these flies in three different body variations Black, White & Olive, all are available in either Size 20 or 24.

These flies are essentially very small F-Flies with a CdC wing and coloured body. Being very small (some only measure 4mm long), they require fine tippet, we have checked them with tippet and can thread 7X (0.10mm) through the size 24's. You might be wise to rig these flies up on lengths of tippet before you venture out fishing!  

A great fly for stealthy fishing on those low and slow rivers.

Available in 3 different body colours - Black, White & Olive

These flies are only available individually in sizes 20 & 24. Just choose your body colour/size, and click on "add to cart", you can adjust the quantities in your cart.