All You Need For ... Spider Fishing

All You Need For ... Spider Fishing

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Give yourself the best possible start to the season, read on McDuff ...

The 'All You Need For ...' series is aimed to try and simplify each technique and de-mistify the secrets used to deploy it.

All You Need For ... Spider Fishing is supplied to you with everything you need for those early season expeditions - Early Season fishing can often be very tricky, especially on those colder days when the fish don't seem to be interested, that's why maximising your chances by fishing Spiders is the way to go.

This selection includes 28 Spider patterns, including our new (not even released yet!) Tungsten North Country Spiders

Inside each box you will find the best and highest quality products available, along with full instructions explaining how to set it all up and fish it, we've done all the hard work for you - no more searching and buying individual components to complete your setup - it's all here in a single box.

We've got you covered - We have put together everything you will need to get you started (apart from the rod & reel). Included in our 'All You Need' box is:

    • 16 x Of our most successful spider flies
    • 12 x Tungsten North Country Spiders
    • 1 x Spool of Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon (3.5lb)
    • 2 x Riverge 9ft Fluorocarbon Tapered Leaders (4lb)
    • 10 x Tippet Rings
    • 1 x Pair of Nippers (bright green so you don't lose them!)
    • 3 x Knot Cards
    • 1 x Instruction Sheet
    • The first 10 orders also get a pair of Hamdwarmers



All of this for only £45 (when bought separately this would be roughly £68). 

Here's what is included:

Full Setup Instructions (including Knot Cards and Hints & Tips Sheet)

Included within the kit is an instruction sheet complete with diagrams, showing you how to rig up your kit for best use. Also included are all the knot cards giving you step-by-step instructions on how to tie each knot. 

Our Most Successful Spider Patterns:

Supplied with the All You Need For ... Spider Fishing are the most popular spider patterns from our Spider Selection:

Pearl Spider: A dark spider pattern with a pearl body. Really good when the water is murky as the pearl body stands out, creating the trigger point for the fish. A great pattern for those early season days. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Partridge & Orange Spider: The most famous spider patter? The Partridge and Orange Spider originated in the north country of England and was first described in T. E. Pritt's Yorkshire Trout Flies (1895). The Partridge and Orange resembles emerging caddis pupa, diving adult caddis or sunken mayfly spinners. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Pearl Hot-Spot Spider: Just like the Pearl Spider, the Pearl Hot-Spot Spider is a dark spider pattern with a pearl hot-spot near the head of the fly. Great to use in clear water with spooky fish as the hot-spot creates that small trigger point. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Black Spider: Another great spider pattern for use in the early season coloured water, great teamed up with the Pearl Spider as a searching pattern. The brightly coloured red body really stands out in those early season rivers. This selection contains two each of sizes 14 & 16.

Also included within the pack is our new Tungsten North Country Spider Selection:

    These are traditional North Country Spiders:

    • March Brown Tungsten Spider
    • Winter Brown Tungsten Spider
    • Spring Black Tungsten Spider
    • Moorgame & Orange Tungsten Spider

    But, with a tungsten twist (a 2mm silver tungsten bead added to the head). This allows it to sink faster and act as a great point fly in any spider rig.

    Seaguar Fluorocarbon:

    Whenever you are spider fishing it is always worthwhile using fluorocarbon throughout, as it is especially important for the leader and tippet to sink as quickly as possible to get your flies fishing as soon as they hit the water. We are including a spool of the very popular Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon - the very best there is. A general rule of thumb to use when deciding on the overall length of your rig is: use 1.5 times the depth at which you want to fish, so if the area you are fishing is 4ft deep, ensure the overall length of your tippet is around 6ft long. We are supplying 1 spool of Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon tippet (3.5lb), the spool contains 30 yards.

    Riverge Fluorocarbon Tapered Leaders:

    Again, it is important to use fluorocarbon throughout your leader setup when spider fishing, so why not use the best there is:

    We are supplying 2 x 9' Riverge Tapered Fluorocarbon Leaders (4lb), these are ideal when combined with the Grand Max tippet.

    Tippet Rings:

    We are including a set of 10 x tippet rings. These are very small and do not affect the sensitivity of the rig, but do make changing droppers and tippet very easy. Just tie the tippet rings as described in the enclosed information sheet.


    We are supplying with the kit a pair of Nippers (they are bright green, so you will find them easy to see!). These nippers also include a handy nail knot tying tool, making those bank-side tapered leader changes really easy.

    Knot Cards:


    We currently have the "All You Need For ... Spider Fishing" in stock and ready to dispatch. Generally, if you order in the morning you will have your kit the very next day (assuming you're in the UK of course). As usual, we ship all our orders free of charge to anywhere in the world.